I just read a wonderful article on Inc by Geoffrey James that  reinforces that success is based on the quality of our relationships, the emotions we experience each day and what we focus on. 

Here is a summary of the 10 questions that the author recommends we ask ourselves at the end of each day to be more successful.

1. Have I made certain that those I love feel loved? 

2. Have I done something today that improved the world?

3. Have I conditioned my body to be more strong flexible and resilient?

4. Have I reviewed and honed my plans for the future?

5. Have I acted in private with the same integrity I exhibit in public?

6. Have I avoided unkind words and deeds?

7. Have I accomplished something worthwhile?

8. Have I helped someone less fortunate?

9. Have I collected some wonderful memories?

10. Have I felt grateful for the incredible gift of being alive?

These are wonderful EQ questions.  And now,  it’s time for me to take action.   I’ve just printed these questions and placed them  beside my desk where, for the next 4 weeks (and more if I can be that disciplined) I’ll read them before I start my work day and answer them at the end of the work day.  

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