Is emotional intelligence important for coaches and coaching clients?  Why?

Here are six ideas, please comment and add your perspective.

EQ Equips Coaching Clients:

  1. Coaching clients are looking to create change – and most change fails because of a lack of understanding the human, emotional drivers.  By developing and using their EQ, clients are able to tap powerful insight and the motive force of emotion to fuel transformation.
  2. Coaching clients need to improve results — which means improving their methods and actions, but equally how they go about these actions.  With increased EQ, they see that the impact they create is based not just on what they do, but on how they do it.
  3. Coaching clients need practical tools.  In addition to powerful insight, an effective model of emotional intelligence supports this.  A tool like the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment provides a process framework for using EQ — and a set of applicable competencies that drive performance.

EQ Empowers Coaches:

  1. People are more than rational, emotions motivate us and focus our attention.  If coaches can’t see the intangible drivers of behavior, they will miss what’s actually fueling their clients… while high EQ coaches will have the insight to spark deeper awareness and transformation that starts from the inside.
  2. Emotions are a filter that shape what we see and how we evaluate information.  Emotional intelligence allows coaches to perceive and manage these filters so they get a more accurate and useful understanding of their clients.
  3. Emotions are contagious.  When coaches develop emotional intelligence they are more skilled at accessing and generating the emotions that let them connect with and influence their clients to deeper reflection and more powerful motivation.


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