There is no way to take our own hero’s journey without facing our confusing and painful emotions—especially fear, anger, and shame.  When we fully explore this inner realm (of our emotions), we will experience the struggle of all heroes.  The details of our outer life may be mundane, but our inner world contains the same demons, angels, allies, and monsters of all great mythic journeys.  Our inner phantoms may be invisible but they are still very real.  And just like adversaries in myths—our inner foes disintegrate and disappear when conquered.

Since our inner landscape is invisible to most others, we are tempted to ignore, avoid, or deny it.  No one can prove that we are lying to ourselves when we disown our anger, fear, or shame.  But our self-deception only prolongs our journey through our unique trials of self-actualization.  The sooner we begin slaying our dragons, the sooner we can win our beloved and the pot of gold.

Like the knights of King Arthur—we must find our own unique path and take this journey alone.

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