Organizations Change Starting with People.

People Change Starting with Emotions.

This book shows you why… and how.

“INSIDE CHANGE provides a powerful and whole-minded approach to organizational transformation. Blending cutting-edge neuroscience with rock-solid business logic, this book will change the way you lead.”

Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and DRIVE

“INSIDE CHANGE is a solid, powerful book for every leader. The typical business approach to change just doesn’t work – this book will show you a better way.”
Alan Deutschman, author of Change or Die and Walk the Walk.

Drawing on a decade of experience applying emotional intelligence to leading change, Joshua Freedman (COO, Six Seconds global) and Massimiliano Ghini (Regional Director, Six Seconds Europe) provide a practical roadmap for making change work.  Whatever your approach to change, whether you’re driving LEAN or following the Kotter steps or supporting people in the Prochaska stages, you’ve seen that the human side – the emotional dimension – will make or break the process.  After all, less than 30% of change efforts succeed… and over 70% of the failures are due to people challenges.  How do you make sure you’re in the 30%?

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