Note:  The 2012 Workplace Issues Report is online here.

The 2010 Workplace Issues Report captures input from 279 leaders and employees from a variety of sectors around the globe.  They said…

65% of the pressing issues are on the people side, 35% on the financial/technical side (but in 2007 it was 76/24).

Even in the current economy, the people issues were seen as 30% more significant than the technical/financial issues.


The most pressing challenge today is maintaining a healthy culture under intense economic pressure.

Respondents identify several aspects of leadership as the key to this, especially vision, feedback, and communication.

Getting and keeping good people – especially “people people” – will make the difference.

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89% of respondents said feelings are highly important or essential in solving the problems they face.

Only 8% of respondents report that they’re fully trained to deal with the issues they’re seeing.

92% see the value of EQ — but only 33% say their organizations do likewise.

Those that do see EQ as critical for their culture.

Hospitality, T&D, Education, and Finance lead the way — Medical and Technology trail the pack.

Agree?  Disagree?  Take the survey yourself and ask 5 colleagues to do likewise.

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