The UN Climate Change Conference 2009 is being held in Copenhagen in December. Seal the Deal is their campaign to get collective agreements on environmental issues.

There are two actions individuals can take:

The world urges world leaders to:
Seal the Deal at COP 15 on a climate agreement that is definitive, equitable and effective.
Set binding targets to cut greenhouses gases by 2020 to avert the climate change threat.
Establish a framework that will bolster the climate resilience of vulnerable countries and protect lives and livelihoods.
Support developing countries’ adaptation efforts.
Seize this defining opportunity to protect People and the Planet.
Power green growth; launch the green, low carbon economy of tomorrow

2. Take part in Hopenhagen

"Hopenhagen is a movement created by the United Nations together with the International Advertising Association and a coalition of the world's leading advertising, marketing and media agencies to empower global citizens to ensure the world's leaders make the right choices for our planet and our future."

You can add what makes you feel hopeful, by answering their question:
What gives you hope for a better planet?

Thanks to Tracey Todhunter for the links!

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