Making great progress since my surgery last week.  Today I was up at our new house with the contractors, outside on the phone, and at my desk a lot.  Yay!  Yesterday had a funny moment with Max (who’s now 8):

After a busy morning, I ended up SOUND asleep on the couch. I managed to sleep through three kids playing lego star wars, wife packing some boxes, appliance repair guy calling out about the new switch he needed to go get from the shop… and finally it’s fairly quiet…  ’till Max comes and very sweetly, very softly touches my shoulder:  “Daddy, can please we have juice pops?”

I wanted to smack him for being selfish and thoughtless… but I figured I’d just appreciate the sweetness instead, and maybe it was time to be done napping anyway.

It reminds me that we all have very different priorities.  Someone’s “thoughtlessness” could be that… or it could be that what I think is important just isn’t important to them.  It’s easy to judge because what’s important to me is so important to me!  This is probably the source of most conflict.

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