Six Seconds Network member Joy Palmer and COO Joshua Freedman collaborated to assist the IFC / World Bank Group in a valuable program for high potential leaders.

Enhancing People Leadership at the International Finance Corporation


IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, invests in private companies operating in developing countries. As IFC has decentralized its operations to move closer to clients, the need for leadership skills has grown.  In this new business model, leaders need to be even better at influencing without authority and working across geographic, cultural, and organizational boundaries.

do leadImplementation:

To help address this need, IFC offers an innovative one-year program for high-potential professionals to prepare them to be corporate leaders.  Emotional Intelligence is a key module in the program designed in partnership with Joy Palmer from Interactives. Emotional Intelligence can enable a shift from “professional do-er” or “professional leader.”  Participants in the program took the “Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence” SEI Leadership assessment, followed by two days of in-person training and optional follow-on coaching.


Participants reported increased awareness of the “people side” dynamics of leadership and an increased commitment to work with and through people. They now go back to their teams to apply the new awareness and skills in a practical leadership initiative.

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