The last few days have been a whirlwind of curriculum. Still part of the Emotional Intelligence Toolkit, been working on new modules for the EQ Leadership program and the Selling with EQ program. Next week we’re focusing on the EQ Change Management program. Gasping for air!

We’ve had over 400 people take the new English version of the SEI (Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Test) so we’ll be revising the norms and we’ll begin selling the English version in a few weeks (the test was develop in Italy, in Italian, so now we’re adapting it).

I’m a little overwhelmed by the zillion projects on my desk, but glad too. It’s an emotional intelligence training camp here! Got to keep my own emotions in synch so I can do the work I’ve set out.

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Joshua is one of the world’s preeminent experts on developing emotional intelligence to create positive change. With warmth and authenticity, he translates leading-edge science into practical, applicable terms that improve the quality of relationships to unlock enduring success. Joshua leads the world’s largest network of emotional intelligence practitioners and researchers.
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