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Take Ownership of Your Happiness


Here’s an intriguing graphic to explore the source of happiness. What happens when you shift your perspective about your own wellbeing?

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Don’t Settle for Happiness: Emotional Intelligence and Life Worth Living


How do you increase happiness, and is that a useful goal? What do we mean by happiness anyway? Using emotional intelligence we can go from ‘happy’ to ‘thriving.’

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Stress is Killing Me! Time for Emotional Intelligence?


Stress is on the rise. Empathy on the decline. Maybe they are related – creating a downward spiral for health, the economy, and our planet. Is it time for emotional intelligence?

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Do you feel lucky?


Sometimes people talk about luck as a kind of “magical wish” that’s outside us. I don’t know if such a thing exists, but I certainly know that “feeling lucky” is a powerful force. Life happens, then we can choose how we feel about that. If we choose to feel lucky, we create a sense of abundance and gratitude – which reduce stress, increase optimism, and strengthen our ability to solve problems. Maybe that’s a really lucky way to live?

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Thank you Betrayal…my gift, my teacher


Betrayal is a strong feeling that can be difficult to process.  Why? Because the trauma of the betrayal creates fear, shame, secrets, and intensity. These feelings may even mix with love and longing for the person by whom we feel betrayed. In 2009 I experienced a situation where I was hurt by someone I trusted.  […]

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Thanks For The Prickles

This time last year, I had just endured my first surgery. You may be wondering how I managed to live so long avoiding such a feat but I can assure you, no matter how old you are, the first time is always significant and humbling. Back then I was thankful for decades of previous great […]

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Swinging In The Rain…

Fog hangs like a thick quilt over the morning. You anticipate that you’ll return from your walk damp and cold. You almost don’t go, but then you decide not to allow the habitual rhythm of your day to collapse. When you are only ten minutes from home and a cup of steaming hot chocolate with […]

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Age Only Counts If You Are A Cheese


…(Or A Bottle of Wine)   When I was little, I remember people saying, “Oh no, she can’t do it. She’s too old.” Or, ‘Let’s ask somebody younger. She’ll have more energy.” Fifteen years ago, when we were both 56, Karen Stone-McCown and I (yes, I got her permission to say that ) started Six […]

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Addressing 21st Century Issues with Emotional Intelligence: A conversation with Daniel Goleman and The Six Seconds EQ Network


Daniel Goleman has been enthusiastically spreading the word about EQ since his landmark book Emotional Intelligence was published in 1995. He continues to write prolifically on the subject including a business-focused book titled Primal Leadership, and his most recent works, Ecological Intelligence and the e-book The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights.  Widely considered the […]

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Introducing Heartshine Week

  Heartshine Week is a campaign to add kindness to the world.  It’s an opportunity to give, get, and celebrate heartshine – that light of human kindness that shines from inside when we are at our best.  Here is an overview PDF to share.

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