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Giving Time to Your Child


I found preschool playtime was often mind-numbingly-exhausting. We’d stumble into a game like stacking up blocks and knocking them down, and the kids would want to endlessly repeat it. Again! Again! It was moderately amusing the first three times, but by the 20th… well. Here’s a great cartoon about this experience – can you relate? […]

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Connecting with Patients: The Basic Ingredient of Care


As the pace of healthcare increases, empathy is becoming scarce. Yet research shows that empathy actually may save time – and save lives. The learnable skills of emotional intelligence may be an essential ingredient in supporting providers to meaningfully and effectively connect with patients.

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Not in Three Lifetimes: Balancing the ‘To Do’ List

A self-reflective discussion of “workaholism,” managing time, the work-life balance, and a mechanism for prioritizing the “to do” list.

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Postponing Your Future

Three different people told me the same story last week: I’m too busy keeping my head above water to make progress on my real goals. On one hand, that’s a practical and realistic way of coping.  Look, we’ve all experienced that some days we can barely tread water fast enough… and some days we sink… […]

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Play? What Child Has Time For Play?

Dr. Anabel Jensen, President of Six Seconds, once told me that if I would get any magazine it should be Scientific American Mind. She told me it would inform by trainings and my overall life! Little did I know at the time that she would be so right! In the February/March issue of Scientific American […]

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5 minutes of fatherhood

Several years ago when Emma and Max were small, I heard that on average, fathers spend 5 minutes per day with their kids.  This seemed impossible. Yet this morning, after being away all last week, while Patty & the kids were having breakfast, I was answering email. Why? Partly just habit now… maybe it grew […]

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Too Much!


I suspect my optimism confounds my time management. Six months ago I was working on my plans for ’09, and scheduled a trip to Dubai for late January, and saw these lovely two weeks at the start of the month stretching out like virgin snow on a ski slope.  I planned a whole host of […]

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Beginnings, Middles, Endings

Emma, Max, Patty and I were coming near the end of our family vacation in Montreal and there was some, shall we say, fussy behavior. So we began to talk about beginnings, middles, and endings and I’ve been thinking more about these phases and the feelings that go with them. Awareness of beginnings, middles, and […]

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