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Trust & Talent Management: Retaining the Best Employees


Research: 1/3 of your employees are ready to move, and half of those because of lack of trust. How do you assess and build trust to keep top talent?

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Talking EQ in Business – Dubai Style

emotional intelligence in the middle east

Why should business leaders care about emotional intelligence?  How to gain this value? Jayne Morrison, Regional Director for Six Seconds Middle East & Africa, was interviewed on Dubai Eye’s Business Breakfast show. Jayne shares the basics of emotional intelligence, as well as the strong business case for organisations investing in the EQ of their leaders. […]

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?


New neuroscience research shows love is key for success in business because caring drives trust – which creates loyalty. Here’s why & how.

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The Trust Vacation


As leaders, our choices shape trust. If we want more trust in our teams, we need to accurately assess competencies — and give people chances to grow to the next level. Perhaps a vacation is the perfect opportunity to take the kind of risk that builds trust?

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Can Leaders Build Trust?


Last year, a headline in Forbes:  Why Trust is the New Core of Leadership. The old power-based leadership model worked in the past, but as organizations flatten and become more collaborative, the old model is undermining success.  Is it time to make trust a priority? If so, can leaders just “decide” to build trust?  How […]

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Sparks of Change


A few highlights from NexusEQ: 260 change makers. 80 presenters. 50 cases. 32 countries. 3 days overflowing with sparks for positive change. What did we learn about neuroscience, learning, change, and harnessing the power of emotions?

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How is your emotional intelligence doing? Interview from Época Negócios


What’s new in emotional intelligence for business? How do these concepts work to shape culture and performance? Interview from Brazil’s top business paper, translated into English.

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Listening Leaders


Surveying thousands of people over 15 years, there are two attributes that make real leaders stand out.  This first is listening.  Why’s it such a rare and powerful practice among leaders?  What would it take to be one of those? Today, I spoke with a group of business leaders in Lisbon, and again, listening popped […]

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Reinventing Education for Change Leaders: Head + Heart + Hands


What do future change makers needs? While traditional “intelligence” is important, today success requires skills for being self-aware, collaborating with others, and creating new possibilities — in other words, emotional intelligence.

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How To Get Agreement


Recent meeting… opposing views… EQ trainwreck. SO easy to prevent with this ridiculously easy way to gain agreement. Keep it RAW. The first step is

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