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Recap: Graduating EQ–Strategies for EQ in Higher Ed webinar


More students leave college or university because of disillusionment, discouragement, or reduced motivation than leave due to low ability or dismissal by school administration (Clifton & Anderson, 2001).     Higher Education has changed dramatically since I went to college. Extraordinary diversity abounds. Part time and online learning is the norm. Technology has forever altered […]

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Infographic: The Bottom Line on Employee Engagement


Compelling data on employee engagement, but leaders are still making three tragic mistakes. Emotional intelligence is key.

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Spark Positive Change: NexusEQ DVDs!

An incredible library of cases, keynotes & workshops on harnessing the insight and power of emotion to spark positive change — at work, school, and life.

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Talking About Great Leaders: Creating Conditions for Performance


New research reveals essentials for great leadership today. What if you could “peek inside” the relationships of thousands of high performing leaders – what sets the best leaders apart?

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Is Your Leadership About Mushrooms or Sunflowers?


Successful leadership today must increase employee engagement and develop & attract and retain talent. What does it take to be this kind of leader? Hint: It’s not like growing mushrooms.

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Nice or Kind?


Are you striving for “nice” or “kind”? It’s a profound distinction & key to being a trusted leader — and an ally or friend. Duplicity can masquerade as “nice,” here’s how to avoid the trap.

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Conflicting Stories of Employee Engagement


I was thinking back on a long career grappling with organizational change and striving to enhance employee engagement, both as a senior executive and then as an external consultant. I envisioned these two sides of my organizational persona meeting in a bar over a beer:  The executive side says, “You know, we’ve tried everything to […]

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Become a Commanding Communicator: Three Trust Tips


Is your leadership communication earning you trust? Take this trust quiz, then try three powerful tips to become a Commanding Communicator.

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Case Study: Emotional Intelligence for People-First Leadership at FedEx Express


What happens when new managers receive emotional intelligence training? The six-month program is delivering significant improvements in EQ skills — tied to dramatic increases in influence, quality of life, and decision making.

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Powerful new research on SEL described in AERA SEL SIG publication


Important data on SEL outcomes in education, at all levels, were revealed today in the Fall newsletter of the American Educational Research Association’s Social Emotional Learning Special Interest Group (SEL SIG).   AERA-SELSIG-FAll2013_Newsletter.pdf Several Six Seconds certified associates from Switzerland, England, Canada, Spain, and the US, along with other SEL scholar/practitioners from around the world presented […]

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