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Case Study: Emotional Intelligence for People-First Leadership at FedEx Express


What happens when new managers receive emotional intelligence training? The six-month program is delivering significant improvements in EQ skills — tied to dramatic increases in influence, quality of life, and decision making.

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Powerful new research on SEL described in AERA SEL SIG publication


Important data on SEL outcomes in education, at all levels, were revealed today in the Fall newsletter of the American Educational Research Association’s Social Emotional Learning Special Interest Group (SEL SIG).   AERA-SELSIG-FAll2013_Newsletter.pdf Several Six Seconds certified associates from Switzerland, England, Canada, Spain, and the US, along with other SEL scholar/practitioners from around the world presented […]

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White Paper: Increasing Employee Engagement at Komatsu


Can we increase Employee Engagement in an economic challenge? What’s the benefit? Case study at Komatsu plant using “Vital Signs” and “Emotional Intelligence”: engagement increased from 33 to 70%. At the same time, plant performance increased by 9.4%.

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Self-Trust: Lead Thyself


Do you trust yourself? Are you trusted by others? I’ve had the privilege of speaking to many strong leaders in business, government, finance and education, and asked a question that’s changed my understanding of leadership and the role of trust – particularly self trust. The question: “If you had to make an important decision and […]

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The Bread & Butter of Leadership


When we talk of trust, we make the choice of being vulnerable based on our positive expectations. This positive has a similar “feel” to respect: Respect is a deep admiration. Here are six tips to building these invaluable ingredients to leadership.

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Case: Engagement, Safety & Quality in Chemical Manufacturing


A multi-year intervention in an American chemical manufacturing plant led to a 91% improvement in employee engagement which was correlated with a 167% increase in production quality and an 83% decrease in reportable safety incidents.   The project focused moving away from a “safety program” and replacing that with a “culture of safety” based on a […]

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Disconnecting and Connecting: Daniel Goleman & Joshua Freedman on FOCUS, part 3


In the chaos of contemporary life, how do we maintain connection to self and others?   Is it enough to “unplug” once in awhile?  We are constructing a “new normal” – what are the internal and relational skills needed to thrive in these times of disconnection and connection? Daniel Goleman and Joshua Freedman continue to […]

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How Does Emotional Intelligence Increase Power?


Emotions drive you, and others. How are you using the energy of emotions to strengthen your own influence — to use your power more effectively?

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Trust & Talent Management: Retaining the Best Employees


Research: 1/3 of your employees are ready to move, and half of those because of lack of trust. How do you assess and build trust to keep top talent?

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Talking EQ in Business – Dubai Style

emotional intelligence in the middle east

Why should business leaders care about emotional intelligence?  How to gain this value? Jayne Morrison, Regional Director for Six Seconds Middle East & Africa, was interviewed on Dubai Eye’s Business Breakfast show. Jayne shares the basics of emotional intelligence, as well as the strong business case for organisations investing in the EQ of their leaders. […]

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