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10 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Guarantee Success


I just read a wonderful article by Geoffrey James that  reinforces that success is based on the quality of our relationships, the emotions we experience each day and what we focus on……… Here is a summary of the 10 questions that the author recommends we ask ourselves at the end of each day to be […]

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Study shows Managers prefer EQ over IQ


A new US study has found hiring managers believe emotional intelligence is more important than a candidate’s IQ, HR Communication reports. The CareerBuilder study of 2,600 managers found 71 per cent of respondents stressed the importance of emotional fortitude – the ability to control emotions and manage relationships. The researchers also found 75 per cent of managers […]

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Addressing 21st Century Issues with Emotional Intelligence: A conversation with Daniel Goleman and The Six Seconds EQ Network


Daniel Goleman has been enthusiastically spreading the word about EQ since his landmark book Emotional Intelligence was published in 1995. He continues to write prolifically on the subject including a business-focused book titled Primal Leadership, and his most recent works, Ecological Intelligence and the e-book The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights.  Widely considered the […]

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Integrated Emotions: Rethinking the way we evaluate our feelings


What does it mean to feel, and why does it happen? Today, most people see emotions as “good” or “bad” — which leaves us in a constant state of internal struggle against our own feelings. What if we rethink feelings as valuable signals about what’s happening!

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Comparison of Emotional Intelligence Tests


Which emotional intelligence test is best? It depends on your needs and goals; here is an objective-ish review of leading tools with links for more information.

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Plutchik’s Model of Emotions


I was fortunate to sit in on the Science of the Mind Forum at the “Happiness and it’s Causes” conference in Brisbane, Australia last week.  During the conference I observed a dialogue between His Holiness the Dalai Lama (HHDL), Paul Ekman (international expert in reading clues embedded in the face, body and voice), Professor Marco […]

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Getting Off the Trouble Train


“Have you ever found yourself in the middle a situation and you know it will to turn into a big mess? You can feel it slipping out of control… and yet you keep going. It’s as if you’re being pushed along this track; you know it’s going to lead to trouble, but it seems like there’s no choice.”

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Ongoing Interview with Daniel Goleman on LinkedIN

Goleman cover

Check out our “live interactive” interview with Dr. Daniel Goleman — and participate in the discussion! Every few days I’m posting a question and Dan’s answer, and members of the EQ Network @ LinkedIN (now > 10,000 members!!!) are invited to participate in the discussion.

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Creativity and Emotional Intelligence

An excerpt from the Handle With Care Emotional Intelligence Activity Book. Creativity and EQ When we have conflict or no one seems to be hearing what we’re saying, it is time for some creativity. When we feel an urge to scream “I can’t,” “You can’t,” or “There is NO way!” it is time for some […]

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What Makes EQ Learning Work


How can you create emotional intelligence training / social emotional learning that meets the promise of transformation? Here’s the “secret sauce.”

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