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8 Sets of Strong Shoulders I Am Grateful For

A dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than a giant himself. ~Didacus Stella   All of us stand on the shoulders of others – no-one is self-made; no-one is self-sufficient; no one person has brought into being all the things that enrich and improve our lives. And, at the start […]

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6 Outstanding Books on Emotional Intelligence That Could Change The World

This third part in a series of posts was inspired by a recent Back-To-School night at our Six Seconds lab school, Synapse, after the father of a kindergartener requested a list of books I would recommend reading.  I dithered when he asked and then said, “Okay, I can do that.”  After some thought, I identified […]

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Women’s Leadership Edge: Global Research on Emotional Intelligence, Gender, and Job Level

mrs. average

A new analysis of over 24,000 leaders and workers from all around the globe shows female leaders, statistically, have an edge in three key areas of people-leadership: (1) EQ is made of numerous component parts, Females are particularly higher in some – but not all; (2) the largest gap is in the capacity to predict the emotional consequences of actions allowing women to be more strategic with feelings; (3) In key aspects of EQ, women in leadership roles are even further ahead of their male counterparts, suggesting that these differentiators may be essential for females to advance their careers. For both females and males, the new data suggests important opportunities for leveraging strengths to become more effective at people leadership.

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Free Virtual EQ Conference Update

 It’s shaping up to be the biggest event in the history of EQ — now over 3000 registrations for this amazing marathon of free webinars from top experts.  Accessible worldwide, anyone with internet is invited to join and learn about the powerful science and practice of emotional intelligence starting July 6 at 00 Universal Time (that’s 5pm […]

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EQ Assessment in Schools: Insights from our March 22 Webinar


On Thursday, March 22, Six Seconds’ Education Team Members presented the next webinar in our EQ in Education series. Dr. Barbara Fatum, Director of Assessment and Learning Specialist at the Synapse School, Alex Russell, Program Manager, and Dr. Susan Stillman, Director of Education shared the Six Seconds model of EQ competencies and our three pronged […]

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Developing EQ Smart School Counselors: A Case Study

three optimistic faces

“The EQ competencies really helped me to look deeper not only at myself but it helped me to look deeper into all aspects of my life and work” (School Counseling Graduate Student intern)   Last spring, two counselors educators completed a pilot case study of school counseling interns in their last semester of graduate school. […]

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Feeling Green – Emotional Intelligence and Sustainable Business

Sustainability and Emotional Intelligence

Joshua Freedman, Six Seconds’ COO, was interviewed by Bhavani Prakash of Green Collar Asia, a portal for the new sustainable economy. The in-depth interview explores the why and how emotional intelligence is valuable for sustainability, healthy growth, attracting and retaining talent — and leading transformation.

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Study shows Managers prefer EQ over IQ


A new US study has found hiring managers believe emotional intelligence is more important than a candidate’s IQ, HR Communication reports. The CareerBuilder study of 2,600 managers found 71 per cent of respondents stressed the importance of emotional fortitude – the ability to control emotions and manage relationships. The researchers also found 75 per cent of managers […]

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Addressing 21st Century Issues with Emotional Intelligence: A conversation with Daniel Goleman and The Six Seconds EQ Network


Daniel Goleman has been enthusiastically spreading the word about EQ since his landmark book Emotional Intelligence was published in 1995. He continues to write prolifically on the subject including a business-focused book titled Primal Leadership, and his most recent works, Ecological Intelligence and the e-book The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights.  Widely considered the […]

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Integrated Emotions: Rethinking the way we evaluate our feelings


What does it mean to feel, and why does it happen? Today, most people see emotions as “good” or “bad” — which leaves us in a constant state of internal struggle against our own feelings. What if we rethink feelings as valuable signals about what’s happening!

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