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Tips to Practice Emotional Intelligence 1: Awareness


How do you put emotional intelligence into action? From our certified practitioners all around the world, here are practical tips to increase self-awareness — the first step to EQ!

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FOG – How To Use Emotional Intelligence: Free Poster


How to use emotional intelligence? A simple 3 step process — and a delightful free poster as a reminder! Great for kids.

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How Should Educators Respond to Tragic Events?


How should educators respond to tragic events that enter our classrooms and schools? I was reading a blog post this morning that made me think about this question. The author, a 7th grade teacher in Boston, received emails from her students asking if they could change their ” current events research topic” assignment of the week […]

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3 Great Traits of Insanely Loving People

love, conscious acts of kindnes, emotional intelligence

You may know of my life theme to promote conscious acts of kindness as a daily practice. The idea is for you to actively take kind, compassionate actions day in, day out as a way to promote not just greater well-being in the life and soul of the recipient but in you too. My mission […]

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Stress is Killing Me! Time for Emotional Intelligence?


Stress is on the rise. Empathy on the decline. Maybe they are related – creating a downward spiral for health, the economy, and our planet. Is it time for emotional intelligence?

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EQ Education in South Africa

Elephants and baby

“I came away with a sense of peace that I can positively change my approach & attitude, which will,  in turn,  impact those around me” (Participant, EQE Durban).    At the invitation of our South Africa network colleagues, Avril Kidd and Candice Smith, and with the tremendous support of Jayne Morrison, Six Seconds Director for […]

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A Gentle Bulldozer: Leading with Empathy


Is it possible to be a leader who gets results — and show your caring? The secret is to blend two different aspects of emotional intelligence, so you can unleash your “gentle bulldozer;” the Six Seconds Model provides a practical framework to do so. The first step is tuning into your…

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Recording: Mapping the EQ Brain (Neuroscience Webinar)

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Join Dr. Aron Barbey, head of the Decision Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Illinois, for an interactive discussion of leading-edge research on the brain. Aron will share findings from a newly released study that mapped where emotional intelligence “lives” in the brain, revealing an important conclusion: our brains are built for emotion and cognition to work together.

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6 Famous Failures and the Importance of Persistence


  Both winners and losers have dreams. The difference that drives their opposing outcomes is that losers fantasize while winners are more pragmatic. Winners begin, do, finish. They are not defeated by adversity.   Steve Jobs, at 30, was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started. Michael Jordan, after […]

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87 Ways to Be Kind and Loving

Grrrr. Sometimes it feels impossible to be kind and loving, don’t you think? We get so angry and frustrated at events happening in our lives that we cannot access that loving place inside of us. Instead, our eyes go from side to side as our fists clench and minds whirr with angry thoughts. Some of […]

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