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Talking EQ in Business – Dubai Style

emotional intelligence in the middle east

Why should business leaders care about emotional intelligence?  How to gain this value? Jayne Morrison, Regional Director for Six Seconds Middle East & Africa, was interviewed on Dubai Eye’s Business Breakfast show. Jayne shares the basics of emotional intelligence, as well as the strong business case for organisations investing in the EQ of their leaders. […]

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Sparks of Change


A few highlights from NexusEQ: 260 change makers. 80 presenters. 50 cases. 32 countries. 3 days overflowing with sparks for positive change. What did we learn about neuroscience, learning, change, and harnessing the power of emotions?

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Crossing the Gap: From Science to Practice


The value of emotional intelligence is established. Now: How do we actually use it? What does it look like to create organizational value (in business as well as in education and government organizations)? What are the essential ingredients?

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Goleman: Emotional Intelligence Comes of Age


Daniel Goleman tells why the upcoming NexusEQ Conference shows a new, important view of emotional intelligence and “how these concepts actually create positive change in business, education, and beyond.”

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The Third Decade of Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence was discovered in the 1990s. The value was proven in the 2000s. What will happen in this third decade with the science and practice of emotional intelligence?

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Your Three Essential Messages

3 steps to apply emotional intelligence

If you could deliver a brief message to half a million people people, what would you say? Facing this challenge helped me clarify the simplicity of how we can actually APPLY emotional intelligence to create positive change.

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Solving the Biggest Problems: Daniel Shapiro on Emotional Intelligence and Negotiation

shapiro emotional intelligence negotiation

What does it take to solve our most challenging conflicts? The Founder and Director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program says “Emotional intelligence is essential.”

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Tips to Practice Emotional Intelligence 1: Awareness


How do you put emotional intelligence into action? From our certified practitioners all around the world, here are practical tips to increase self-awareness — the first step to EQ!

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FOG – How To Use Emotional Intelligence: Free Poster


How to use emotional intelligence? A simple 3 step process — and a delightful free poster as a reminder! Great for kids.

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How Should Educators Respond to Tragic Events?


How should educators respond to tragic events that enter our classrooms and schools? I was reading a blog post this morning that made me think about this question. The author, a 7th grade teacher in Boston, received emails from her students asking if they could change their ” current events research topic” assignment of the week […]

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