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The Face, and Heart, of Climate Change: Emotional Intelligence Unlocks Human Ability to Care


Despite increasing awareness of environmentalism, the problems worsen. The solution may lie in better understanding of human emotion – the subject of a conference at Harvard University in June.

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Changing Together


It was about 15 years ago.  Thirty-some intrepid learners journeyed from six countries to the first Six Seconds EQ Certification. People read Dan Goleman’s 1995 book, and saw his description of our Self-Science process as a model for teaching EQ, so they adventured to find out.  This was when the internet was new, and it […]

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The Most Important Thing


President Obama said, “The most important thing we can all do is treat each other with kindness and respect.” Let’s make it so! But Is it enough to say the words, or do we need something more to make this real?

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The Seduction of Impossibility


Four years ago, I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t even put my socks on. Yesterday, I went for a run — without someone chasing me… I actually chose it. As we think about change, rather than focusing on an “easy step,” there’s something incredibly powerful about embracing the impossible, and harvesting the emotional energy to fuel the next steps.

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The (Un)Happy Neuroscience of New Year Resolutions


As the New Year approaches, many of us will pursue happiness by setting goals. But when it comes to happiness, we cannot trust our brains to point us in the right direction. Our brains confuse ‘wanting’ with ‘happiness’ because of the simplicity of the dopamine reward mechanisms.

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From Violent Hearts to Heavenly Peace


Reading reactions to Sandy Hook, a common theme is blame, but is there an alternative? Looking at the neuroscience, it feels better to blame. When we blame, we know the answer, and that feeling of righteous wrath is actually a dopamine reward that our brain emits when we “know.” While this reaction cycle is wired into our brains, we do have a choice — three, in fact.

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Wishes for EQ Advocacy @ Work


Results of our survey to our business network shows a need for more skills and resources for introducing EQ in the workplace, and making a clear business case.

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6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Change The World


Anyone can change the world but few do so. At Synapse School, our Six Seconds lab school, it is our mission to create those who do, the change makers of our world. This guiding principle strikes at the heart of everything we do there and with the work of Six Seconds. I would like to […]

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How Schools (de)Motivate Innovation


Intriguing article in the Wall Street Journal: Educating the Next Steve Jobs — points out that a narrowly defined pathway to “success” where failure is anathema is the recipe for conformity, not innovation. In most high-school and college classes, failure is penalized. But without trial and error, there is no innovation. Amanda Alonzo, a 32-year-old […]

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The EI-nnovation: Setting the Stage for Breakthrough Performance

while rationally we understand we need to change — at the same time we feel we are not ready to do it. What happens when people are in this mood? Probably there is little focus on real tasks; instead a lot of energy goes to finding reasons justifying that we don’t need change… creating massive stress that saps productivity and drains health and happiness. In this context, it is not surprising that companies are experiencing a really high number of change failures, and paying the financial costs of marginal execution.

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