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Case: Fostering a Culture of Leadership in Rotana


To build a stronger leadership culture within their properties and across the organisation, Rotana developed a team of in-house trainers to deliver the Six Seconds’ EQ Leader program throughout the enterprise.  Thus far, the well-received program is building a shared vocabulary and vision that will foster a common culture to fulfill Rotana’s customer service orientation. […]

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Case: EQ at HMC – Increasing Care in Healthcare


An emotional intelligence program for customer service forms the basis of organisational culture for improving patient care in a new flagship program. Background: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is a non-profit medical corporation based in Doha, Qatar.  It operates various hospitals and clinics throughout the country employing around 17,000 medical staff and 3,000 hospitality staff. HMC […]

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Case: EQ in the Navy and Marine Corps – Accelerating Change with Emotional Intelligence


In an 18-month project to equip leaders with new insights and tools for the people-side of change, this initiative created a 43% increase in participants’ readiness to cope with the complexities of organizational transformation. Background: The US military continues to undergo significant change to address the changing global context. Just as many companies face the […]

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Case: Strengthening Relationships with EQ at HSBC

How do quantitative, analytical bankers become more effective at building strong relationships?  An immersion in emotional intelligence proves to unlock new awareness. Background: Headquartered in London, HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC’s international network comprises around 7,500 offices in 87 countries and territories in Europe, the […]

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Case: Emotional Intelligence for Change at Sheraton Studio City


Bringing emotional intelligence tools and skills into the leadership team assisted the Sheraton Studio City to rapidly and successfully transform into a top-performing property with #1 Sheraton ratings and a 24% increase in market share. Background In December, 2002, a new General Manager was taking over the Sheraton Studio City Hotel to increase profitability in […]

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New US Air Force Study: EQ to Save $190 Million

In 2007, the US Air Force began to explore the possibility of applying emotional intelligence (EI) to predict performance in training programs for pilots, air traffic controllers and pararescue jumpers (“PJs” — who’s mission is to rescue downed aircrew). The PJ program was one of their top priorities. This training program takes nearly two years […]

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EQ Blended Learning at GAMBRO DASCO

Gambro Dasco is a planning and production firm specializing in medical dialysis devices.  To create the right conditions for continued growth, the company implemented a program to strengthen team leaders’ Emotional Intelligence. To initiate the project, Gambro Dasco’s Human Resources Manager, Sara Boldrini needed to secure funding for the effort, so the HR department became […]

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Optimizing Manufacturing Reengineering with Emotional Intelligence

CIBA Specialty Chemical is engaged in a major change initiative — and using emotional intelligence to accelerate the process. The commitment to EQ assisted the CIBA team to achieve important business goals — for example, over two years, productivity increased by 18% while simultaneously reducing complaints by 73%.

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EQ Leaders Maintaining a People-Centered Culture at Quad/Graphics

How does emotional intelligence development fit in a highly successful, fast-paced industrial/manufacturing business? Quad/Graphics is committed to maintaining their people-centered culture — so EQ is a vital asset for their leaders. Background Quad/Graphics ( is a highly innovative printing company; established in 1971 in Wisconsin, the company now has 12,000 employees. The mission is “We […]

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Enhancing People Leadership at the International Finance Corporation

Six Seconds Network member Joy Palmer and COO Joshua Freedman collaborated to assist the IFC / World Bank Group in a valuable program for high potential leaders. Enhancing People Leadership at the International Finance Corporation Background: IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, invests in private companies operating in developing countries. As IFC has […]

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