Essentials of Trust – Management Essentials 2

Recent Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) reports have found that Trust – or lack of it – is going to be one of the biggest leadership issues in the coming years. It is at the very root of any relationship we have. Trust may not be visible but it holds the relationship sturdy, strong and upright.

Trust is becoming increasingly complex and yet because of trust, people will take the risk to change, to work together, to dig deeper, and to go further. On one hand we need to understand why we do not trust easily and on the other hand we need to ask ourselves if we are trustworthy.

This 2-3 hour module explores aspects of trust and leverages the Brain Brief Profile to build more productive and trusting relationships.

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Outline of this module



15 min

Introduction to Trust

15 min

Elements of Trust

25 min

Trust Data

15 min

Looking Deeper

25 min

Brain Style                                            

10 min

Earning Trust

10 min

Way Forward

5 min


Price: $195.00$145.00
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