Feeling Smart (download version)

Feeling Smart: Competencies, Recommendations and Exercises

by Anabel Jensen, PhD

Feeling Smart is a practical curriculum for educators to introduce the key competencies of emotional intelligence. Each lesson is a “graphic organizer,” a worksheet to help students organize and expand their thinking while also reflecting on their feelings.

To help teachers understand how these worksheets function, there is a sample of each worksheet that accompanies this download — plus all the worksheets are provided in electronic format so you can print as many as you need for your class.

While it can stand alone, this program is designed to support educators using the SEI-YV — Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Youth Version. The SEI-YV is a validated assessment of emotional intelligence (EQ) competencies for youth ages 7-18; it provides a snapshot of EQ in the context of key factors for life success. The exercises on the worksheets link specifically to the SEI-YV report.

We recommend that teachers use one-to-two of these lessons per week. Each can take 30-60 minutes.

This page is to order the downloadable version of Feeling Smart (so you can access it immediately with no shipping charges). There is also a print version in color with a high-quality case.

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