EQ for Families: Em. Literacy, Accountability, Optimism, Empathy


EQ for Families provides four important workshops for parents and caregivers to create more emotionally intelligent families.

This curriculum equips you to present these tested, professional workshops to parents and caregivers in your school or organization.

Each module is a complete two-hour workshop:

  • invitation/announcement
  • complete script / trainer’s guide
  • handout
  • presentation (in Powerpoint®)
  • quotes to post in the room

The presentation, handout, quotes, and invitation are provided on the enclosed CD ROM.

Plus this guide includes and introduction to emotional intelligence and an appendix with resources.

Curriculum for four complete workshops is included:

Workshop One: Emotional Literacy — “The Power of Feelings.” Help your children recognize and use emotions to increase self-awareness and compassion.

Workshop Two: EQ and Accountability — “Raising Strong, Caring Kids.” Build skills for children and teens to make more positive and productive decisions.

Workshop Three: Optimism and Resilience — “Bouncing Ahead.” Create families that help each other build optimism and turn adversity and challenge into resiliency and hope.

Workshop Four: Empathy and Acceptance — “From the Heart.” Model for your children self-acceptance and inclusion of others through empathy and caring behaviors.


Price: $179.00$149.00
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