The Business Case for EQ 2016 Presentation Kit


“The evidence is increasingly compelling. The measurable, learnable skills of emotional intelligence make a significant impact on organizational performance. EQ may be essential to differentiating world-class organizations in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.”


This kit includes everything you need for a powerful 2-hour workshop on the value of emotional intelligence. It starts with an orientation with a brief video — then an in-depth exercise on key applications and recent research. There is an optional section on the effects of global trends and the neuroscience of stress. Finally the presentation concludes with synthesis and action steps.

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The kit includes:

  • Compelling, professional slide presentation highlighting recent studies from the 2016 Business Case for Emotional Intelligence by Joshua Freedman and Paul Stillman, with speaker notes for activities and exercises (Powerpoint®).
  • Two videos — The Business Value of EQ and the Neuroscience of Stress, in mp4 format to embed in slides.
  • Handouts for a highly effective small-group exercise where teams discuss and present key concepts – can be adjusted for audience ranging from approximately 8 people to 30 or more (pdf).

This product is provided as a downloadable ZIP archive (185 mb) including slides (pptx), movies (mp4), and handouts (pdf). One purchaser is licensed to present these materials; each presenter must purchase their own copy.




Price: $100.00$75.00
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