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Brain Talents

48 Exercises, 18 Powerful Strengths to create the future of 8 Insightful Archetypes

Improve planning, collaboration, effectiveness and problem-solving at work, school and home.

How does your brain use logic + emotion to create effective action? It’s about head + heart + hands working together. 

How? It starts with increasing awareness to help you leverage your unique capabilities. This deck helps you do so.

The Brain Talent Cards offer hours of learning and growth, and can be combined with the Brain Profile assessments for even more depth.

Studying well respected and high performing leaders, Six Seconds evaluated thousands of comments to ascertain: What do these people do to be so effective?

The result is 18 Brain Talents, in three groups:

Blue cards are about FOCUS – getting data. Three help with rational data, three assist using emotional data.

Red cards are about DECISIONS – assessing options. Three are tied to careful evaluation, three are about making innovative decisions.

Green Cards are about DRIVE – moving forward. Three each for practical action and for long-term motivation.

Brain Styles

There are 8 grey-edged cards, each depicting a Brain Style. As you can see on these cards, the Brain Styles use the same three scales as the Brain Talents: Focus, Decisions, and Drive. Brain Style reveals your brain’s preferences for working in these three areas.

Brain Style is about what your brain likes to do, Brain Talents tell you how your brain can best go about that activity.


Some of the instruction cards reference the Brain Profiles: Brain Brief, Brain Talent, and Brain Discovery. These profiles come from an assessment called the SEI, and offer a one-page synthesis to create insight.

Read about these online:


The cards are published by Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network.



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