Brain Profile Starter Kit

The Brain Profiles are outstanding tools for introducing the value of emotional intelligence.  Unlike a “behavior profile” (such as DISC), the Brain Profiles are about capability — about the way each person’s brain is currently wired to process emotional+cognitive data.  We are all constantly rewiring our brains, and the skills of emotional intelligence are LEARNABLE — so the Brain Profiles provide insight into one’s current style AND an invitation to develop.  The Brain Profiles distill the full psychometric power of the SEI Assessment into a compelling 1 page snapshot. This starter kit provides instructions and account to administer three powerful tools: Brain Brief Profile: What’s your “Brain Style” for processing emotional + cognitive data? Brain Talent Profile:  What are your top “Brain Apps,” key talents for creating the future? Brain Discovery Profile:  The BDP makes the link between EQ, talents and performance. Uses include coaching for performance, interviewing for selection, and goal setting for learning plans.

Become an “EQ Profiler” with the Brain Profile Starter Kit!

  1. Online tutorial on the assessment – available anytime.
  2. “Tools Intranet” account for managing your profile projects
  3. 88 Credits for use of 11 Brain Brief Profiles (8 credits) or mix and match and select the Brain Talent Profile (10 credits) and the Brain Discovery Profile Guide (12 credits).

When you purchase, you will immediately receive the link to download a PDF with instructions to start your online tutorial.  Within 1 business day, you will receive an email with your link to the Tools Intranet. Brain Profiles are ideal for all training & development applications:

  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership
  • Business or Psychology class
  • Teacher training
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Influence and decision making
  • And any setting where people will benefit from insight into their own brains.

Learn more about the Brain Profiles on If you are ready for the more in-depth training on the full SEI suite (which includes the Brain Briefs and full reports), please read about becoming a Certified EQ Assessor.

Price: $100.00$87.95
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