Accelerating Execution – Management Essentials 6

The climate the manager creates within the team/organization supports or undermines the ability to generate results. High performance grows when managers create the conditions for execution by increasing focus, creating accountability, and increasing the quality of feedback. These elements help keep the work happening to be efficient – and the correct work happening to be effective.

In this 2.5-hour module, managers learn a framework of the keys to execution and how they can leverage and develop their own capabilities to best support their teams to achieve quality results.

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Outline of this module



25 min

Introduction, Getting Out of the Old Box

40 min

Build Cars Fast

25 min

Accelerating Execution

10 min


20 min

Discovering Talents for Execution

10 min

Optional: Talent Match

20 min

Finish Line

Price: $195.00$145.00
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