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26 Apr 2018,
WIIFM (What’s in it for Me) – The Opportunity (2 ACE Units)

Engaging the EQ Opportunity – 10 Steps to Activating Your EQ Business Webinar Series will provide you deep insight into how to design, launch and grow your EQ business. Whether you are an EQ novice, or long time EQ practitioner, this webinar series will provide extensive details on how to:

Create a strategic plan – set goals – identify desired potential clients – develop a marketing effort – engage with potential clients – influence clients to buy – develop effective follow up processes – leverage EQ to maintain clients – grow your business within a client – create effective proposals – get referrals – build a great network, and much more…

4 Jun 2018, United States San Diego CA
SEQ Profiler Certification (10 ACE Units)

Spiritual Emotional Intelligence (SEQ) is all about connection—to yourself, people you know, and the larger world. How can we live more congruently, more often? You might think of SEQ as a way to supercharge the Noble Goal—that overarching sense of purpose that helps us stay in alignment across all areas of our lives.

When we consider both the spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves, we gain new perspectives about ourselves and our relationships. Building on the SEI (Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment), this new SEQ assessment includes additional questions to capture the connection dimension in three domains:  Awareness, Belonging, and Insight.

5 Jun 2018 - 6 Jun, United States San Diego CA
EQ-CON: The Emotional Intelligence Network Reunion

Join the community to supercharge your EQ design & delivery… and reenergize! EQ Practitioners & learning professionals, (re)connect with Six Seconds for powerful tools & methods for you, your clients, and a better world. At EQ-Con 2018 San Diego you’ll be a part of a collaborative community all seeking to broaden their EQ abilities, better market and sell their EQ business, and to integrate EQ into their work. 

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