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31 May 2017:
EQ Assessor Certification for Education - Virtual

While there are many tools to measure academic growth, there are few that focus meaningfully on the emotional side. To lead positive change in schools, and to create an evidence-based approach to social emotional learning (SEL), metrics are key: metrics about student, teacher, and parent emotional intelligence – and assessment of the school climate as […]

14 Jun 2017:
Using the Dashboard for Collaboration (6 ACE Units)

In this two-part course, we’ll experientially explore using and interpreting the Dashboard to increase collaboration. After the first online session of planning the process, participants will set up a project administering either the Brain Brief Profile (BBP) or Brain Talent Profile (BTP) to a group of 3-12 people. A Dashboard will be generated for each group and reviewed during the second online session; then participants will deliver the results to their group and facilitate dialogue about increasing collaboration based on their Dashboard.

11 Jul 2017:
Leading Schools with Heart and Mind (7 ACE Units)

Researchers have found that leaders with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) make better decisions, influence more effectively, and build communities where young people thrive. Leading Schools with Heart and Mind teaches these EQ skills, so school leaders can become more aware, more intentional, and more purposeful.

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