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middle-east & africa mapWelcome to Six Seconds’ Middle East & Africa (MEA) region, covering Dubai & the other United Arab Emirates, Saudi, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and all around the Arab Gulf, through to South Africa  Please see below for contacts in this region, plus upcoming events and recent articles.

MEA Contacts

Jayne Morrison, Regional Network Director.  Jayne brings 20 years of operational leadership experience plus extensive expertise in the design and delivery of powerful, scalable learning and development programs.
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nasreen_picNasreen Kawash, Program Manager.  Nasreen has recently joined the Six Seconds MEA team to support the vision that “by 2039 one billion people will be practicing EQ.” Nasreen is a certified coach, equipped with a strong background in client relations and a passionate belief that EI is pivotal to achieving tangible and sustainable change. Email | LinkedIN


maggie-williams-tMaggie Williams, Executive Coach.  Maggie has over 25 years international experience in the education and corporate sector. As an executive coach for the Middle East Office and experienced facilitator she can encompass EI to bring further focus on her passion for employee engagement, talent management, training effectiveness, team effectiveness, & leadership skills.  Email | LinkedIN


NaylaNayla Doctor,  Administrator. Nayla provides administrative support and experience to the Six Seconds Middle East & Africa team. Nayla shares Six Seconds’ vision and is passionate about creating awareness for EI. Email


MEA Preferred Partners

Dynamic Learning – we partner with clients to create environments that drive positive change. (UAE – Dubai)

EQ in ACTION – developing emotional intelligence for sustainable success in business and life. (South Africa – Durban)

Upcoming Events in MEA

Date / City Event
25 Oct 2015 - 29 Oct
United Arab Emirates Dubai
EQ Certification: Building Capacity for Transformation with Emotional Intelligence

Increase your mastery of emotional intelligence in order to increase your own effectiveness and to support others to develop EQ using Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and model.

1 Nov 2015 - 5 Nov
United Arab Emirates Dubai
Advanced EQ Trainer Certification

In addition to powerful EQ tools, Six Seconds’ programs work because we teach the way the brain learns. This brain-based, humanistic, emotionally rich pedagogy creates transformational learning experiences by engaging head, heart, and hands. Join this course to learn how.

22 Nov 2015 - 25 Nov
United Arab Emirates Dubai
Coaching EQ Certification: Supercharge Coaching with Emotional Intelligence

Ideally coaching supports clients to create positive change – but change doesn’t happen just from “knowing.” Emotions are a key driver for professional and personal transformation. The CEQ equips professionals with a powerful emotional intelligence assessment (the SEI) and the Six Seconds Change MAP as a roadmap for structuring a transformational coaching process fueled by EQ.

The course has been approved for 32.75 ICF Coach Continuing Education units.

8 Dec 2015 - 9 Dec
United Arab Emirates Dubai
Vital Signs Consultant Certification

Vital Signs are statistically validated measures that capture key information about the people side of performance. Built on a model with solid business logic as well as sound science, the tools connect people’s perceptions and attitudes with hard business outcomes in an actionable, practical framework.

Articles & Posts from MEA

Jasmeen Al Bulushi

Building Bridges Between U.S. and Middle East

By: Rachel Goodman on August 3, 2015 | 0 comments
EQ Stories: Dr. Yasmeen Al Bulushi, Oman"They thought there was something wrong with me for being flexible with everyone.” –Yasmeen Al Bulushi, OmanOne day in the Fall of 2012 Dr. Yasmeen Al Bulushi walked into Republican election headquarters in Pennsylvania to volunteer for the Mitt Romney campaign.  She was visiting the U.S. from Oman as part of a State Department-sponsored democracy training program. Her hosts' first reaction was one of fear and suspicion fueled by a steady diet of negative…



Is It Time for Change?

By: Jayne Morrison on September 14, 2014 | 2 comments
"Why I Think This World Should End" is the title of Prince EA's video below -- but it's really about starting something new. Six Seconds' vision is that by 2039, a billion people will be practicing emotional intelligence. We think it will make the world a better place.  Do you? What can you do to support positive change? Join us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itvnQ2QB4yc [Tweet "What if a billion people were practicing emotional intelligence? Join The EQ Network!"]



Infographic: The Bottom Line on Employee Engagement

By: Jayne Morrison on September 5, 2014 | 3 comments
Compelling infographic below from BI WORLDWIDE.  Put this in front of your senior leaders. For years we've heard chat about employee engagement, yet all too often leaders make three tragic mistakes: 1. This as a "nice to have" instead of confronting reality: Employee engagement is the lifeblood of performance.  See below and this article.   2. We can increase engagement just by talking about it: Employees become engaged due to their emotional experience. Here's why.   3. Surface "fluff" like perks will…



Is Your Leadership About Mushrooms or Sunflowers?

By: Jayne Morrison on May 28, 2014 | 2 comments
During a discussion on engagement and the role of leaders this week, one participant shared a quote attributed to Homer Simpson, “If you don’t like your job... you just go in every day and do it really half-assed.” So true! What’s the affect? Disengagement is contagious.  As colleagues tune out, more and more people do ‘half-assed’ jobs.  As a consequence productivity and service are affected, directly impacting results across the organisation.     What drives organisational commitment? In the Vital…



Time to redefine “engagement”?

By: Jayne Morrison on April 20, 2014 | 11 comments
Talking to leaders at a recent conference, I felt a sense of real concern regarding the question of engagement.  Not surprising considering that the 2013 Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report shows that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged and that the 2014 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends research shows that 78% of business leaders rate retention and engagement as important (26% rate it as urgent). Trends that remain essentially unchanged for a decade...  Perhaps because we don't…



Jayne Morrison on the Business Value of EQ

By: Six Seconds on April 11, 2014 | 0 comments
Robin Hills from Ei4Change has done a wonderful job of editing a mini interview he did with Jayne Morrison at the EQ Africa Summit -- about Jayne's work with Six Seconds spreading emotional intelligence, and particularly how to bring EQ to serious businesses.  An excerpt is below. [s3audio s3url="website/Jayne_Morrison.wav" /] [caption id="attachment_11944" align="alignright" width="300"] Six Seconds members with Jayne Morrison at the South Africa Summit. Photo from Jonathan Low.[/caption] "The key learning for me over the last decade… when I’m speaking with…



State of the Heart Report

By: Joshua Freedman on March 10, 2014 | 18 comments
What is the status of emotional intelligence in the world today? For the first time ever, a view of world-wide data on key strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for EQ globally. Drawing on a database of over 75,000 assessments, a global sample was created to generate a balanced basis of comparison of EQ in 2011-2013, in the 3 regions of the world: APAC, AMER, EMEA. Receive the full report by email: [email-download download_id="11806" contact_form_id="5771"]   A few key findings:…


emotional intelligence in the middle east

Talking EQ in Business – Dubai Style

By: Six Seconds on September 2, 2013 | 4 comments
Why should business leaders care about emotional intelligence?  How to gain this value? Jayne Morrison, Regional Director for Six Seconds Middle East & Africa, was interviewed on Dubai Eye's Business Breakfast show. Jayne shares the basics of emotional intelligence, as well as the strong business case for organisations investing in the EQ of their leaders. Listen to the whole interview here:


Elephants and baby

EQ Education in South Africa

By: Dr. Susan Stillman on April 2, 2013 | 0 comments
"I came away with a sense of peace that I can positively change my approach & attitude, which will,  in turn,  impact those around me" (Participant, EQE Durban).    At the invitation of our South Africa network colleagues, Avril Kidd and Candice Smith, and with the tremendous support of Jayne Morrison, Six Seconds Director for Middle East and Africa, in March, Six Seconds held the first EQ Educator Certification Course in South Africa. Our two day course was a dynamic…



Forget IQ, it’s your EQ that matters – The National

By: Six Seconds on February 12, 2013 | 0 comments
Exciting article in The National, UAE, by Andrea Anastasiou, Feb 11 2013: Jayne Morrison, regional director of Six Seconds Middle East and Africa, a non-profit organisation that supports EQ in schools, businesses and families around the world, including the UAE, explains that having a higher EQ makes us more self-aware, which in turn makes us more adept at having fulfilling relationships with others. "We all have emotions, whether we're the manager, the employee, the friend or the parents," she says. "Thoughts,…



Case: Fostering a Culture of Leadership in Rotana

By: Jayne Morrison on August 25, 2011 | 2 comments
To build a stronger leadership culture within their properties and across the organisation, Rotana developed a team of in-house trainers to deliver the Six Seconds’ EQ Leader program throughout the enterprise.  Thus far, the well-received program is building a shared vocabulary and vision that will foster a common culture to fulfill Rotana’s customer service orientation. Background Rotana is the leading hotel management company and currently manages a portfolio of 70 properties throughout the Middle East and Africa, with an aggressive…



Case: EQ at HMC – Increasing Care in Healthcare

By: Jayne Morrison on July 6, 2011 | 5 comments
An emotional intelligence program for customer service forms the basis of organisational culture for improving patient care in a new flagship program. Background: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is a non-profit medical corporation based in Doha, Qatar.  It operates various hospitals and clinics throughout the country employing around 17,000 medical staff and 3,000 hospitality staff. HMC is committed to continual improvement and is becoming an internationally recognised, world-class, center for healthcare excellence in the Gulf Region for the new era of…


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