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Parenting with Vitality


Are you a parent who’s dealing everyday with stress, challenging family relationships, and wanting to offer your kids the best future they could have? Well, welcome to the club! During the upcoming Six Seconds’ Vitality Conference 2015 we will try to support you and the parental community to become more “Vital”. Being a vital parent means increasing […]

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Arthur Schwartz: The Courageous Mindset


Vitality Presenter Profile It takes courage to make positive change in our lives. Sometimes we feel paralyzed by fear or indecision, especially when it comes to life-changing moments such as a death, divorce or a promotion. Arthur Schwartz, Phd, who will be presenting at this year’s Vitality online conference March 20th, is no stranger to […]

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Building Organizational Vitality


We know when we have connected to a vital business or organization. We can feel the passion of its leaders, the excitement and dedication of its front-line employees, and the enthusiastic support of its customers. Would you like to know how to create that sense of vitality in your organization? Six Seconds’ 4th Annual Virtual […]

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What is Vitality?


What creates that vital energy we all need in life… at work… in school? Can we increase it? The free #VITALITY conference in March will show us how!

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Emotions and Climate Change

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     A Commonwealth Club of California Conversation  Last year, Six Seconds’ CEO Josh Freedman joined a distinguished panel of guests for an hour-long conversation about how emotional intelligence helps us understand people’s reactions to, and actions about, climate change. Can our brains respond to a threat that is not perceived as imminent? Which emotions drive […]

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Authenticity in the Digital Age: How to Own Your Story


Vitality Presenter Profile A Conversation with Michael Margolis of StoryU Leaders, in business and life, want to help people change in positive ways. But how do you gain the influence to do so… and engage people to motivate change? Michael Margolis says it starts with authentically telling your story: “Here is how you invite people […]

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Emotional Intelligence is Key to South Africa’s Future

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As a young girl growing up in a South African family with an Irish heritage, emotions were not something my family handled very well.  Sunday lunches were loud and raucous and nearly always ended with someone saying something that bruised feelings. It seems this discomfort with emotions is a challenge for many families in South […]

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The Gift of Forgiveness

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Someone very close to me struggles with forgiving others. Just last night we were watching a movie that portrayed a woman who cheated on her husband and later discovered that she was pregnant with her husband’s child. The woman asked her husband to forgive her so they could move forward and raise the child together (as […]

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The gift of gratitude

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It’s Thanksgiving in the US and the traditional start of the Holiday season. For me, it’s a time to intentionally reflect on gratitude for my family, friends, and my incredibly dear colleagues around the world who are engaged in such important work in spreading EQ and social emotional learning and living it in the process. […]

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Six Seconds to Present at Global Education Conference


Six Seconds is honored to be participating in the 5th Annual Global Education Conference (GEC) this year. The GEC, a free online conference taking place the week of November 17-21, is designed to significantly increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness, recognition of diversity, and educational access for all; […]

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