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The Gift of Forgiveness

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Someone very close to me struggles with forgiving others. Just last night we were watching a movie that portrayed a woman who cheated on her husband and later discovered that she was pregnant with her husband’s child. The woman asked her husband to forgive her so they could move forward and raise the child together (as […]

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The gift of gratitude

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It’s Thanksgiving in the US and the traditional start of the Holiday season. For me, it’s a time to intentionally reflect on gratitude for my family, friends, and my incredibly dear colleagues around the world who are engaged in such important work in spreading EQ and social emotional learning and living it in the process. […]

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Six Seconds to Present at Global Education Conference


Six Seconds is honored to be participating in the 5th Annual Global Education Conference (GEC) this year. The GEC, a free online conference taking place the week of November 17-21, is designed to significantly increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness, recognition of diversity, and educational access for all; […]

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Does IQ Beat EQ? Wrong Question.


After 100 years of research, there’s little agreement on the definition of intelligence or how to measure IQ. Yet Adam Grant insists cognitive skill trumps all, and “Emotional Intelligence Is Overrated.” His critique is wrong, but important.

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The Power of Cases

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The Power of Cases   When we live a powerful experience we often want to share it, to tell our story and convey the passion and purpose that moved us. We also want others to hear about our outcomes and perhaps inspire them to pursue a similar path. This is why case studies and stories […]

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The Vital Organization


A compelling new book for every manager. Emotions drive people, and people drive performance — here’s how to make it happen.

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Recap: Graduating EQ–Strategies for EQ in Higher Ed webinar


More students leave college or university because of disillusionment, discouragement, or reduced motivation than leave due to low ability or dismissal by school administration (Clifton & Anderson, 2001).     Higher Education has changed dramatically since I went to college. Extraordinary diversity abounds. Part time and online learning is the norm. Technology has forever altered […]

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Stagnation & Vitality: The Value of EQ in Japan


A sold-out crowd at the July 2014 EQ Conference in Tokyo celebrated the power of emotional intelligence as a driver of positive change. One core message of the event: As we’re working to create economic vitality, we need also to re-invigorate the “people-side” as well. EQ provides a structure to do this in way that’s […]

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Spark Positive Change: NexusEQ DVDs!

An incredible library of cases, keynotes & workshops on harnessing the insight and power of emotion to spark positive change — at work, school, and life.

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