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EQ Stories: Coaching a Career Change


EQ Stories are profiles of people whose lives have been helped by emotional intelligence and Six Seconds’ coaching model. This story is from Six Seconds’ Marilynn Jorgensen, Master Coach/ICF Trainer. Why is emotional intelligence coaching so powerful?  “Bill” is a senior leader who needed EQ: ” I was moving up in my career and yet […]

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Parenting is Like Dancing!

Father and children playing on the beach at the sunset time.

Add some graceful steps to your parenting repertoire! As soon as we become parents we hear a new motif and sound, we follow afresh rhythms and the more we practice the movements, the more we are confident with the sequence we are supposed to dance. And yet, dancing every time is different because of the […]

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Makeda Perryman: EQ on Stage


  If you have every done any performing, at the school talent show or Carnegie Hall, you know the paralyzing stage fright that can wipe out your creative juices. Some performers are reduced to a puddle of anxiety backstage, or worse, carry this feeling onstage with them. It is the stuff of nightmares. Makeda Perryman […]

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Dr. Anabel Jensen : Hugs and Practical Wisdom


Connected Student + Charismatic Teacher + Engaging Lesson = Learning Click To Tweet For Dr. Anabel Jensen, founder of Six Seconds and a pioneer in the field of Social Emotional Learning, it all comes down to a simple equation: Connected Student + Charismatic Teacher + Engaging Lesson = Learning. And she is quick to add, […]

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Sustainable Organizations = Sustainable Planet?

energia eolica renovable

During a recent webinar at Six Seconds’ Vitality conference, Dr. Paul Stillman asked a question: Can we change the way businesses define “sustainability” to have real impact on the future of people and the environment? Paul is Senior Consultant for Vital Signs, our integrated suite of organizational assessment tools, at Six Seconds. In his talk […]

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Teens Build Peace and EQ at AHA!


Dr. Jennifer Freed says teens can be leaders in emotional intelligence if they are given the tools and encouragement to take their lives into their own hands. As co-founder of AHA!, an acronym for Attitude, Harmony, and Achievement, Dr. Freed has created a community of youth who are spreading peace and emotional intelligence in school […]

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Vitality Connects People Across the Globe


Vitality, Six Seconds’ 4th Annual Emotional Intelligence conference is bringing people and ideas together across the globe. After attending several sessions, I noticed that people are motivated to connect, learn and collaborate, despite distance, technical glitches, and time zones. What brings them all together is a keen desire to understand how this powerful concept of […]

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Parenting with Vitality


Are you a parent who’s dealing everyday with stress, challenging family relationships, and wanting to offer your kids the best future they could have? Well, welcome to the club! During the upcoming Six Seconds’ Vitality Conference 2015 we will try to support you and the parental community to become more “Vital”. Being a vital parent means increasing […]

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Arthur Schwartz: The Courageous Mindset


Vitality Presenter Profile It takes courage to make positive change in our lives. Sometimes we feel paralyzed by fear or indecision, especially when it comes to life-changing moments such as a death, divorce or a promotion. Arthur Schwartz, Phd, who will be presenting at this year’s Vitality online conference March 20th, is no stranger to […]

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Building Organizational Vitality


We know when we have connected to a vital business or organization. We can feel the passion of its leaders, the excitement and dedication of its front-line employees, and the enthusiastic support of its customers. Would you like to know how to create that sense of vitality in your organization? Six Seconds’ 4th Annual Virtual […]

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