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Inspiring Passion and Action Among Students, Parents, and Educators

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“My school feels like a jail…I am not allowed to wear my sweatshirt, use the restroom during class, or use a backpack to carry my books around to eliminate my chances of being late.” All too often, these are the thoughts and feelings of students today. The student continued: “Between the other kids judging me […]

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Celebrating Talents for Tolerance: Join the UN’s International Day for Tolerance


  What talents will help create a thriving future? Get a free assessment of your Brain Talents — and a free workshop to share with others. Why? See below! For You & Your Family Sign up and before November 16, 2015 ** , you’ll receive a link to take the BRAIN TALENT PROFILE, a powerful assessment […]

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Origins and Destinations Exhibit Connects Air Travelers


  All these people coming and going through the Miami International Airport – who are they? Photographer and emotional intelligence practitioner Laena Wilder’s new exhibition Origins and Destinations is an enchanting view of the heart of the human experience.   Dozens of larger than life-size images of travelers float on the windows. Below, their stories […]

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Digital Detox: Reflections on a Student Media “Fast”

students looking into devices at school

I teach journalism and mass media at the local community college. Walking to class, half the students I see are bent over their phones. Those who came to class early are on screens, too. It is 9am and many have been on several devices since they woke up and will continue until bedtime. I gave […]

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Families Surviving Suicide Need Our Empathy

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September is National Suicide Awareness Month in the U.S. and World Suicide Day is recognized on September 10th to raise awareness about the one million people lost to this tragedy each year.  We asked Six Seconds Certified Associate, Analia Penney to share her thoughts on how emotional intelligence can help families struggling to heal from […]

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Coaching for the 21st Century

Coaching image

It’s no secret that the level of complexity and change continues to rise in the business world. Now, a new report, “Coaching for the 21st Century” from the Korn Institute says just as leaders need to be agile in their ability to learn and adapt, so too do the coaches helping them. As complexity rises, coaches […]

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Issues Today: Emotional Intelligence at School

Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom

Back to school season can be a stressful time for parents, kids and teachers.  Raise your hand if you had this dream: You are late for class, the bell has rung, you have a test, you didn’t study, or… it’s the end of the term and you never did find the classroom, maybe you are […]

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A Curious Case For Boredom


Tired of feeling bored? Finally we can understand the reasons behind the feelings of being trapped, restlessness, lack of challenge, and lack of purpose.

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School Counselors Embrace Social Emotional Learning

Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom

Dr. Susan Stillman, Director of Education for Six Seconds, explores how data is influencing thinking on social emotional learning in education. Here is her latest article in the Arizona School Counselors Association newsletter. Ilaria Boffia, Six Seconds’ Program Manager in Education contributed to the interviews for this piece: School Counselors Use Data to Tune into […]

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