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Our Ongoing Conversation Survey Results

We had great response to the “Conversation” mini-survey. As you can see, not surprisingly, 76% of you want EQ to be “core” or “central” to your work. You also – not surprisingly – come to our site to increase your EQ knowledge and skills. We were pleased to see that that the #1 “need” identified […]

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Ongoing Interview with Daniel Goleman on LinkedIN

Goleman cover

Check out our “live interactive” interview with Dr. Daniel Goleman — and participate in the discussion! Every few days I’m posting a question and Dan’s answer, and members of the EQ Network @ LinkedIN (now > 10,000 members!!!) are invited to participate in the discussion.

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EQ Voices from the Middle East

One of the great pleasures of my work is meeting amazing people from all over the world, individuals deeply committed to making a positive difference in the world, and willing to do the work to change from within. Sometimes I get the sense that the world is going in a bad direction, but then I reconnect with “ordinary” extraordinary people who are full of wisdom and heart. Here are two compelling videos from our recent EQ Advanced Trainer Certification

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EQ at Harvard Law Negotiation Conference

Joshua Freedman & David Tubley of Six Seconds featured in THE NEGOTIATION & LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2011, Presented by Harvard Extension Service & Leadership Society, Harvard Law Negotiators and Institute for Negotiation Leadership & Diplomacy — April 16, Boston

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Emotional Intelligence: The Cornerstone For Positive Change


In this speech, Six Seconds’ Chairman Karen McCown shares the definition, process, and purpose of teaching emotional intelligence. Karen founded the renown Nueva School in 1967 as a laboratory for integrating academic and emotional development for gifted children (it went on to win two Federal Blue Ribbon Awards for Excellence in Education). Drawing from that […]

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Creativity and Emotional Intelligence

An excerpt from the Handle With Care Emotional Intelligence Activity Book. Creativity and EQ When we have conflict or no one seems to be hearing what we’re saying, it is time for some creativity. When we feel an urge to scream “I can’t,” “You can’t,” or “There is NO way!” it is time for some […]

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March is EQ Month in Dubai

March is the “month of emotional intelligence” in Dubai, part of our commitment to support people to create positive change.  In a recent study we found that in the Middle East, emotional intelligence drives 58% of the variation in success — maybe that’s why EQ is growing so rapidly in the region! The EQ Conference and […]

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Emotional Intelligence in Mumbai 2011

In association with Valmar International, Six Seconds presents two world-class emotional development programs in Mumbai. The EQ Certification April 4-8, Mumbai In this transformational program, those committed to developing emotional intelligence for themselves and others will dive into the powerful Six Seconds Model and learning method. Ideal for professionals in people-development as well as leaders […]

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What Makes EQ Learning Work


How can you create emotional intelligence training / social emotional learning that meets the promise of transformation? Here’s the “secret sauce.”

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Celebrating EQ in 2010… And beyond!

2010 was an amazing year for emotional intelligence and Six Seconds. Like most organizations, we’ve been tested by the brutal economic and social pressures of the last two years, and so perhaps our biggest accomplishment as we come to a new year is to say: We are here! But it’s more than just survival — Six Seconds is flourishing.

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