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Introducing Heartshine Week

  Heartshine Week is a campaign to add kindness to the world.  It’s an opportunity to give, get, and celebrate heartshine – that light of human kindness that shines from inside when we are at our best.  Here is an overview PDF to share.

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Questions about EQ in action – News from Six Seconds

This email was sent by Six Seconds to EQ VitalSigns subscribers – click here to subscribe .. Dear Subscriber, I can’t believe it’s December already! My family & I just returned from 7 weeks in Asia with the Six Seconds teams there, so the months have flown by and it’s quite a shock that the […]

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Decoding Emotions


Smarter About Feelings: Part Two . Part One introduced the idea of becoming smarter about feelings — and how that can help you (kids) get more of what you want… and less of what you don’t want!  In that article I promised that I’d also write more about emotions and the meaning behind our feelings.  […]

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Celebrating EQ Learning

Quick and engaging video showing emotional intelligence in action at the Six Seconds “Living EQ Conference”

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The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence 2010

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 8.55.57 PM

Newly updated, the 2010 Business Case for Emotional Intelligence is an in-depth analysis of current research presented in a compelling, engaging eBook — available for free download (see below).  The eBook covers…. Executive Summary: “The evidence is increasingly compelling. The measurable, learnable skills of emotional intelligence make a significant impact on organizational performance. EQ may […]

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Smarter About Feelings


An introduction to emotional intelligence for kids When I was a kid, no one taught me about feelings.   Even when I took psychology in college I still didn’t learn why sometimes I felt angry or sad or worried or happy — and that I had a choice about my feelings.  I noticed that I had […]

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New US Air Force Study: EQ to Save $190 Million

In 2007, the US Air Force began to explore the possibility of applying emotional intelligence (EI) to predict performance in training programs for pilots, air traffic controllers and pararescue jumpers (“PJs” — who’s mission is to rescue downed aircrew). The PJ program was one of their top priorities. This training program takes nearly two years […]

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Leadership Success and Emotional Intelligence in the Middle East

Abstract: The United Arab Emirates is emerging as the business capital of the Middle East. In this complex, demanding environment, to what extent do the “soft skills” of emotional intelligence matter? In a study of 418 leaders living in the region, there is a very strong relationship between emotional intelligence skills and performance outcomes. Scores […]

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Six Seconds Jordan – Emotional Intelligence in the Middle East

We are delighted to announce that Six Seconds has opened its seventh office in the world.  The new office is located in Amman, Jordan and will be managed by certified Six Seconds practitioners Mr. Nadeem Nahhas and Ms. Souhair Dahdaleh. Nadeem’s commitment to developing the people-side of performance began when he worked in Sales and […]

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Powerful EQ Development

Six Seconds’ programs are known for an unparalleled blend of depth and practicality. Drawing on 13 years of global leadership in emotional intelligence development, these certifications are transformational — and they equip change leaders with outstanding tools to develop others.  When it’s done with this level of integrity and quality, EQ development is the missing […]

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