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New Book: Inside Change

Organizations Change Starting with People. People Change Starting with Emotions. This book shows you why… and how. “INSIDE CHANGE provides a powerful and whole-minded approach to organizational transformation. Blending cutting-edge neuroscience with rock-solid business logic, this book will change the way you lead.” Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and DRIVE “INSIDE […]

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Relational Power for Women Leaders

Deborah Williams Havert, one of Six Seconds team members, presented at at the Columbus State University’s Women’s Leadership Development Conference last month.  Deborah’s session on “Leading With Relational Power” explored the power of the Six Seconds’ EQ Model in leadership — connecting participants with tools to move themselves and others to put purpose in action. […]

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Performance, People, and Pressure: 2010 Workplace Issues

Note:  The 2012 Workplace Issues Report is online here. The 2010 Workplace Issues Report captures input from 279 leaders and employees from a variety of sectors around the globe.  They said… 65% of the pressing issues are on the people side, 35% on the financial/technical side (but in 2007 it was 76/24). Even in the […]

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Right Speech by Eknath Easwaran

Karen McCown, Six Seconds’ Chairman, handed this article to me several years ago. It’s stuck with me as a powerful set of guidelines for being impeccable with words. The children, Patty and I have discussed the “three gatekeepers” often over the last years; we started when the kids were 4 and 6 years old and […]

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The Six Seconds EQ Model


The Six Seconds model turns EQ theory into practice for your personal and professional life. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to blend thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions — which is key to having a successful relationship with yourself and others. To provide a practical and simple way to learn and practice emotional intelligence, Six Seconds developed a three-part model in 1997 as a process – an action plan for using emotional intelligence in daily life.

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Emotional WHAT? Definitions and History of EQ

Updated Nov 15, 2009 Definitions and History of Emotional Intelligence It all began about 2,000 years ago when Plato wrote, “All learning has an emotional base.” Since then, scientists, educators, and philosophers have worked to prove or disprove the importance of feelings. Unfortunately, for a large part of those two millenia, common thought was, “Emotions […]

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Tom Peters – Leader as a Mensch

Congratulations to Bruna Martinuzzi – one of our network members and authors – mentioned in Tom Peters’ roundup of best links this week, and recently in Guy Kawasaki’s blog too!  Great recognition for this important work.  Here’s the nugget from Peters’ post (Facebook | Tom Peters: Link Roundup #11): “Out of possibly zillions, here’s a […]

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Adding up our lives

stone circle XSmall

In SEI Cert class today, Yoshimi said she really liked what I said about Pursue Noble Goals, so I’ll try to recreate it: Pursuing a Noble Goal isn’t about taking some “lofty” action in the future. It’s about understanding why we might do such a thing, then putting that “why” in action today in “everyday” […]

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Optimizing Manufacturing Reengineering with Emotional Intelligence

CIBA Specialty Chemical is engaged in a major change initiative — and using emotional intelligence to accelerate the process. The commitment to EQ assisted the CIBA team to achieve important business goals — for example, over two years, productivity increased by 18% while simultaneously reducing complaints by 73%.

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Q&A: Emotions – Heart, Mind, and Body

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Dear Josh, I’m a little confused with this issue, someone at my workshop asked me this question so need more explanation on this!  She said that: usually we use a hearts as an icon to express love and feelings and now you said feelings come from brain (amygdala) not heart? So please help me to […]

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