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Team Climate Survey and LinkedIN Discussion


In the LinkedIn EQ Network group, we’ve been discussing the importance of team climate (here’s the thread), and we’ve surveyed 200 members of the group and visitors to our site about the topic.  Why?  As Joshua Freedman, our COO, wrote on the forum, “we’re curious to understand how you see this in your own workplace […]

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Are EQ Matters School Matters?


Reece (age, 6) and I were playing the game “I spy”. You know the one.  I spy with my little eye something beginning with… “Your turn,” he says. M: I spy with my little eye something beginning with “P”. R:  (Pausing for a moment). I know. It’s paper isn’t it? M: Good try.  Not quite […]

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Integrated Emotions: Rethinking the way we evaluate our feelings


What does it mean to feel, and why does it happen? Today, most people see emotions as “good” or “bad” — which leaves us in a constant state of internal struggle against our own feelings. What if we rethink feelings as valuable signals about what’s happening!

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Comparison of Emotional Intelligence Tests


Which emotional intelligence test is best? It depends on your needs and goals; here is an objective-ish review of leading tools with links for more information.

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Survey: EQ in Europe – who, where, why?

If you’re in Europe, please take this survey to help us understand who is interested in EQ in various European countries.  We’ll randomly select one respondent to receive a free EQ assessment w 1:1 debrief via skype, plus we’ll share a report w all who respond.  This is part of our ongoing efforts to understand […]

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Case: EQ at HMC – Increasing Care in Healthcare


An emotional intelligence program for customer service forms the basis of organisational culture for improving patient care in a new flagship program. Background: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is a non-profit medical corporation based in Doha, Qatar.  It operates various hospitals and clinics throughout the country employing around 17,000 medical staff and 3,000 hospitality staff. HMC […]

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Welcome to Six Seconds India

Joshua Freedman and members of the EQ Certification in Mumbai

Creating Positive Change in India by Tapping Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is catching fire in India as a scientifically sound approach to improving the people-side of performance. Six Seconds’ new office in Mumbai will support the growth of the new Indian economy by delivering best-in-class EQ solutions to improve people-performance. Led by three accomplished consultant-coach-trainers, […]

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Case: EQ in the Navy and Marine Corps – Accelerating Change with Emotional Intelligence


In an 18-month project to equip leaders with new insights and tools for the people-side of change, this initiative created a 43% increase in participants’ readiness to cope with the complexities of organizational transformation. Background: The US military continues to undergo significant change to address the changing global context. Just as many companies face the […]

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Case: Strengthening Relationships with EQ at HSBC

How do quantitative, analytical bankers become more effective at building strong relationships?  An immersion in emotional intelligence proves to unlock new awareness. Background: Headquartered in London, HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC’s international network comprises around 7,500 offices in 87 countries and territories in Europe, the […]

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Case: Emotional Intelligence for Change at Sheraton Studio City


Bringing emotional intelligence tools and skills into the leadership team assisted the Sheraton Studio City to rapidly and successfully transform into a top-performing property with #1 Sheraton ratings and a 24% increase in market share. Background In December, 2002, a new General Manager was taking over the Sheraton Studio City Hotel to increase profitability in […]

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