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The Neurobiology of Emotional Intelligence – in 3 Minutes

Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence isn’t an abstract notion – it’s grounded in neurobiology:  Emotions are neurohormones, chemicals, that last in our brains and bodies for about six seconds. Here is Joshua Freedman, our global COO, presenting this concept at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, GIBS, in Johannesburg:

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EQ Matters Program

young boy

EQ Matters in Schools THE POWER OF SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING PROGRAMS A study involving more than 200 school-based social and emotional learning programs (270,000 K-12 students) has found that Social and Emotional learning programs lead to a boost in student skills.  Where programs focus on recognizing and managing emotions, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, […]

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EQ Fosters Future Female Leaders: Empowering Young Women in China

Participants in the WAFW 5th Annual Symposium

The World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW) leadership program is a bold and rigorous training initiative for young women students committed to acquiring skills and confidence to develop as campus, community, national, and eventually global leaders. These young women found a focus on emotional intelligence played a big part of how they evolved […]

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Honoring Wangari Maathai and her Noble Goal

I just been reading some of the many articles about this remarkable woman who passed away on Sunday. I wanted to share two of these articles with you, in order to honor her memory and reflect on the power we each have to choose a path toward our own noble goal. Frances Moore Lappe and […]

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Living EQ

Jimmy Daniel demonstrates the process for enrolling FedEx managers in EQ (from Living EQ Oct, 2010)

Six Seconds has organized many different conferences, ranging from intimate programs for 20 change leaders, to the international NexusEQ events with all the world-famous names and 600 participants from forty countries. In a few weeks in California, then in November in Singapore, and March in Dubai, we have our annual Living EQ Conferences.  I loved hosting […]

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Homework: Working Smarter, Not Longer

In a fascinating article, The Trouble with Homework,  Annie Murphy Paul describes the ongoing controversy between those who advocate for less homework to reduce kids’ stress levels and those who believe American students just need to buckle down and study harder to be able to compete with their international siblings. Last year, when I watched the […]

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A report card for character? How about an EQ Yardstick instead?

As two schools, one, a middle school in an impoverished neighborhood in the South Bronx, and the other, an upscale private high school in Riverdale, NY, struggle with how to help their students achieve a happy and productive life, their administrators debate whether failure is the secret to success. When these educators consulted Dr. […]

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Presentation – Change for Coaches

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 7.04.17 PM

Professional Coaches, Mentors and Advisors – Northern California Chapter Coaching Community Event The Westin – San Francisco Airport, Millbrae, 5:30-8:30 pm, Networking, Dinner and Presentation Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 Inside Change – How Coaches Can Transform Organizations with Joshua Freedman, COO – Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network   Up to 90% of all change efforts fail […]

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EQC Certified by AIOBP


The American Association of Business Psychology has accredited the Six Seconds’ “EQ Certification” program — and Six Seconds is featured on their home page at the moment. This international credential demonstrates that the program has been scrutinized and has attained the highest standards for a training program of its type. The organizations and individuals who […]

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Case: Fostering a Culture of Leadership in Rotana


To build a stronger leadership culture within their properties and across the organisation, Rotana developed a team of in-house trainers to deliver the Six Seconds’ EQ Leader program throughout the enterprise.  Thus far, the well-received program is building a shared vocabulary and vision that will foster a common culture to fulfill Rotana’s customer service orientation. […]

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