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Emotional Intelligence in Policing

Policeman and fireman both photographed against a black background.

How Can Public Servants Use EQ to improve community relations? With so many conflicts between citizens and police in the news, how can emotional intelligence play a role in de-escalating tensions? Mark Bond, assistant professor at American Military University, is an expert in Police Patrol Procedures, Law Enforcement Stress Management, Police Ethics, and the Scholarship […]

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Transforming Office Space with EQ


Do you work in a cubicle? Or do you work in an open space surrounded by plants and sit on a hammock with your colleagues? The design of our work spaces has an effect on our happiness and productivity, but how does emotional intelligence figure into the equation? Tracing the evolution of office space design […]

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High EQ Linked to Lower Test Anxiety


Does taking a test cause you to break into a cold sweat and your mind to go blank? You may have test anxiety. Test anxiety is real, and it can be debilitating if you are in college, elementary school or applying for a job.  Test anxiety causes significant decreases in ability to do well on […]

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Lend Your Voice: The State of Organizational Vitality 2016


Every day we are reminded that the world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. This VUCA environment has an impact on our personal and professional lives, at work, at home, and in our communities. This complexity makes it increasingly difficult, in particular, to achieve a sense of organizational vitality.   At Six Seconds, a not-for-profit […]

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Emotions and Computers: A Happy Marriage?

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Are you ready to have your face read by a computer? People interested in emotional intelligence will be fascinated by this episode of Big Picture Science, a radio program produced by the SETI Institute in Mountain View. Hosts Dr. Seth Shostak and Molly Bently speak with researchers who are teaching computers to recognize subtle emotions. […]

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Tolerance, Emotions, and Politics


Recently, protesters at a several political rallies were surrounded and heckled by angry crowds and escorted from the building by police. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this is really happening in the United States in 2016. At moments like these, how can emotional intelligence bring light to and make sense of these conflicts, unfolding so […]

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EQ and Business: A Winning Combination


In traditional corporate circles, the idea of emotional intelligence would have been dismissed in favor of management skills, strategic planning, and exerting influence through power. That is no longer the case, particularly in forward-thinking (and feeling) organizations seeking to create competitive advantage by developing a corporate culture that values participation, transparency, collaboration, and engaged leaders. […]

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Photos in Miami Airport Teach Highschoolers Emotional Literacy


When travelers hurry through the Miami airport, larger than life photos of fellow travelers greet them, inspiring them to pause a moment and reflect on what unites us as humans. Part of the Origins and Destinations exhibit by San Francisco-based artist Laena Wilder, each photo has a short story accompanying it. Not only has the […]

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Saudi Dental Students Learn Tolerance + EQ


Talents for Tolerance Workshops Inspire More EQ Activities We finally did our Talents for Tolerance workshop. It was a big success.  We had 70 dental interns in King Abdulaziz University School of Dentistry  in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia participate in our workshop. We sent them invitations  and they did the survey. The response was great (95%). At the beginning of […]

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Press: New Book Helps Parents Use Emotional Intelligence

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New Book by Josh Freedman on Parenting with Emotional Intelligence Offers Help for Parents to Create More Connection and Peace in their Families (Corralitos, CA) Six Seconds, the emotional intelligence network, announces the release of a new book on parenting with emotional intelligence. Whole Hearted Parenting: How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Create More Peace, […]

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