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Increasing Compassion From Berlin to Botswana


Tolerance Workshops Spread Compassion Worldwide The week of November 16th, 2015 more than 20,000 people gathered around the world to focus on building compassion and peace. Talents for Tolerance encompassed volunteer-run workshops in sixty countries exploring how we can use emotional intelligence to build empathy and understanding. Here are a few stories from around the […]

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60 Countries Host Tolerance Workshops to +Compassion


In a week where the news was full of conflicts, tens of thousands of people in 60 countries attended tolerance workshops to be inspired to use their unique strengths to create a more compassionate, inclusive world.

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Navigating Emotions at School – A Principal’s Story

Diverse children standing in a row outdoors

Maria Majka, principal at Baywood Elementary School in San Mateo, California, reflects on using emotional intelligence to resolve conflicts and build trust. As principal of an elementary school with a large student population, we were seeking learning opportunities for all children. Our children do well academically and we have safeguards for those in place who […]

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Transforming Bullies – on South Bay Sunday, KBAY-FM


                  Six Seconds Interviewed on KBAY-FM Click To Tweet Sam VanZandt of KBAY’s South Bay Sunday in San Jose, California interviews Six Seconds’ Director of Parenting Education, May Duong about how to prevent bullying at home and at school. Sam started by asking May how a teacher or parent would go about helping a bully […]

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Learning Optimism from Grieving Children

Single woman alone swinging on the beach

Children’s Grief Awareness Day is November 19th. Guest blogger Kate Thome, a member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children, shares her memories of surviving loss and how children learn emotional intelligence from the death of someone they love. How Do You Go On?: What we learn about Optimism from Grieving Children             More and […]

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20,000 to Celebrate International Day for Tolerance


20,000 prepare to celebrate United Nations International Day for Tolerance with Six Seconds Talents for Tolerance is a series of over 700 workshops promoted by Six Seconds around the world in honor of the UN Day for Tolerance (November 16) with free Emotional Intelligence Workshops in 25 countries. Currently there are 21,422 people signed up for workshops. […]

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EQ at the Center of Sudan Youth Project


Doroob, an endowment that serves and empowers gifted children from financially challenging backgrounds, is doing vital work introducing EQ to youth in Sudan using the Six Seconds model. Here is a guest article by Solafa Adel Batterjee, CEO of Doroob in Saudi Arabia. Overwhelmed by anticipation and a pounding heart full of excitement I lifted […]

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Preventing Bullying at Work and School

Businessman is yelling at his employee in the office

How many people are bullied at work? Why do bosses bully their employees? How can can emotional intelligence help improve the climate at work and school? Paul Stillman PhD shares ideas about building trust in schools and businesses in this short radio interview on WSBS. You can end workplace bullying with EQ Click To Tweet

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Helping Children Build Empathy

girl and mom

How much do you talk about feelings with your children? When you do, it builds their empathy skills and emotional literacy and helps them get along better with other children. Emotional insight is the ability to sense and understand emotions in self and others Click To Tweet  Emotional insight is the ability to sense emotions […]

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The Vital Hospital: EQ and Patient Centered Care


I was remembering recently the last months I spent with my father during his terminal illness and his successful determination to stay out of the hospital, to remain at home until the end. He felt that going to the hospital would cause unneeded stress, discomfort, and medical intervention. I fully supported his decision, but also […]

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