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Coaching for the 21st Century

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  It’s no secret that the level of complexity and change continues to rise in the business world. Now, a new report, “Coaching for the 21st Century” from the Korn Institute says just as leaders need to be agile in their ability to learn and adapt, so too do the coaches helping them. Korn Institute […]

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Issues Today: Emotional Intelligence at School

Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom

Back to school season can be a stressful time for parents, kids and teachers.  Raise your hand if you had this dream: You are late for class, the bell has rung, you have a test, you didn’t study, or… it’s the end of the term and you never did find the classroom, maybe you are […]

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A Curious Case For Boredom


Tired of feeling bored? Finally we can understand the reasons behind the feelings of being trapped, restlessness, lack of challenge, and lack of purpose.

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School Counselors Embrace Social Emotional Learning

Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom

Dr. Susan Stillman, Director of Education for Six Seconds, explores how data is influencing thinking on social emotional learning in education. Here is her latest article in the Arizona School Counselors Association newsletter. Ilaria Boffia, Six Seconds’ Program Manager in Education contributed to the interviews for this piece: School Counselors Use Data to Tune into […]

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Anabel Jensen: Let Empathy Raise the Bottom Line

Anabel Article

Six Seconds’ Founder Anabel Jensen Featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal Click HERE to read the full article on page 19

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You Are Welcome: EQ and Hospitality Make a Perfect Match

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Hospitality: the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way. What happens when you walk into a fancy hotel and some staff treat you like they don’t really care?  Do you want to come back?  On the other […]

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Emotional Intelligence Blossoms in the Czech Republic

The Brain Talent Profile focuses on "Brain Apps" that all of us can use to work better.

What do Readers’ Digest, children’s brains, and EQ have in common? They all converged at a conference in the Czech Republic in May to focus on children’s cognitive development. “Educating the head without educating the heart is no education at all!” –Aristotle   That quote set the tone for the inaugural conference for the newly […]

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Helping Teens Hit the Pause Button

TEDx Closing Thanks

EQ Meets TEDx at the International School at the Hague How often do teens think before acting? You likely remember the time when you wish your younger self had stopped to think before taking your parent’s car out for a spin or having an angry outburst you later regretted. It is well known that the […]

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INSPIRA India Inspires Women Leaders


Although women in India are entering the workforce in increasing numbers, almost half drop out between early and mid-career. In India women comprise 24% of the workforce, and only 5% reach the top, compared to the global average of 20%. In addition, there are 1500 board seats to fill (Current Catalyst Census) and only 9.5% […]

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EQ Stories: Can Emotional Intelligence Turn Troubled Kids into Mentors?

education postcard-2015

EQ Stories Lori Madrid: Helping Students the Six Seconds’ Way Can social emotional learning break the bullying cycle? Can EQ Change Math Scores? What’s the connection between emotions and fractions?  “I love conflict!” Lori Madrid is quick to laugh at her own statement.  She reflects on her role as the first person students are sent […]

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