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Issues Today: Emotional Intelligence at School

Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom

Back to school season can be a stressful time for parents, kids and teachers.  Raise your hand if you had this dream: You are late for class, the bell has rung, you have a test, you didn’t study, or… it’s the end of the term and you never did find the classroom, maybe you are […]

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Precious Feelings (Or: “Max’s Nap”)


Like many of us, I learned to push feelings away. My 2-year-old “encouraged” me to find a new approach, and it “magically” changed our struggle into a beautiful connection. Now if I can just remember to keep practicing this!

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Stressed for Good: Surprising New Science about Stress


  Stress is getting a whole new look thanks to Kelly McGonigal in her latest book The Upside of Stress. How you think about stress matters. “When you change your mind about stress you can change your body’s response to it.”   Stressed to Death We know that stressing is bad and it’s all over […]

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Helping Teens Hit the Pause Button

TEDx Closing Thanks

EQ Meets TEDx at the International School at the Hague How often do teens think before acting? You likely remember the time when you wish your younger self had stopped to think before taking your parent’s car out for a spin or having an angry outburst you later regretted. It is well known that the […]

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EQ Stories: Can Emotional Intelligence Turn Troubled Kids into Mentors?

education postcard-2015

EQ Stories Lori Madrid: Helping Students the Six Seconds’ Way Can social emotional learning break the bullying cycle? Can EQ Change Math Scores? What’s the connection between emotions and fractions?  “I love conflict!” Lori Madrid is quick to laugh at her own statement.  She reflects on her role as the first person students are sent […]

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Reflecting on Connecting: The 2nd Annual Bay Area EQ Conference


With Dr. Barbara Fatum What can educators do to bring emotional intelligence into their schools? What barriers to adoption must be overcome before school districts fully embrace social emotional learning? How can collaboration build consensus for more SEL in schools? Parents, administrators, and educators joined together on April 18th for a day of learning about […]

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Parenting is Like Dancing!

Father and children playing on the beach at the sunset time.

Add some graceful steps to your parenting repertoire! As soon as we become parents we hear a new motif and sound, we follow afresh rhythms and the more we practice the movements, the more we are confident with the sequence we are supposed to dance. And yet, dancing every time is different because of the […]

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Teens Build Peace and EQ at AHA!


Dr. Jennifer Freed says teens can be leaders in emotional intelligence if they are given the tools and encouragement to take their lives into their own hands. As co-founder of AHA!, an acronym for Attitude, Harmony, and Achievement, Dr. Freed has created a community of youth who are spreading peace and emotional intelligence in school […]

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Parenting with Vitality


Are you a parent who’s dealing everyday with stress, challenging family relationships, and wanting to offer your kids the best future they could have? Well, welcome to the club! During the upcoming Six Seconds’ Vitality Conference 2015 we will try to support you and the parental community to become more “Vital”. Being a vital parent means increasing […]

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The Myth of Winning


Here’s why we make the boss, a colleague, a customer, spouses and lovers, and even our children into enemies — and a better way. It starts with our brains, and being addicted to the pleasure of righteousness.

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