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Back in Focus – Daniel Goleman and Joshua Freedman on Attention and Emotion, Part 2


How do we fully engage attention to use the full power of our minds? What fuels and blocks performance in work and life? Joshua Freedman & Daniel Goleman discuss his new book discuss the science of attention and how it applies to life in the office, in nature – and even in bed.

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Rules, Agreements, Emotion and Motivation


Are Rules & Agreements the same? How do they affect emotion and motivation? Are you confusing the two?

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Your Three Essential Messages

3 steps to apply emotional intelligence

If you could deliver a brief message to half a million people people, what would you say? Facing this challenge helped me clarify the simplicity of how we can actually APPLY emotional intelligence to create positive change.

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FOG – How To Use Emotional Intelligence: Free Poster


How to use emotional intelligence? A simple 3 step process — and a delightful free poster as a reminder! Great for kids.

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The Most Important Thing


President Obama said, “The most important thing we can all do is treat each other with kindness and respect.” Let’s make it so! But Is it enough to say the words, or do we need something more to make this real?

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Parenting Q&A with Annie Fox and Sue McNamara


What are the real challenges facing parents? Author Annie Fox discusses parenting teens with emotional intelligence expert Sue McNamara — how do we talk to teens? How do we help them be people who make good choices?

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Where Do You Want The Ball To Go?


I’ve noticed something intriguing – if you have no idea what result you want, you’re unlikely to get it. My skills at pool/billiards are terrible, but I still can plan ahead and think about how I’m going to whack the cue ball to get a particular result. Isn’t this true of all of our interactions? If we decide “where we want the ball to go” in our meetings, conversations, interactions… then it’s much more probably we can make that happen.

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The Way You Are


Does unconditional love mean you accept people fully — without wanting them to be better?  As a parent, does it mean you don’t push your kids to do better?  As a spouse, does it mean you don’t encourage your partner to grow?  As a manager, does it mean you accept ho-hum performance? Recently I noticed […]

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5 Vital Steps to Raising A Child Who Makes Your Heart Explode With Pride


If you’re a parent, it is one of your biggest fears. You have some friends whose child makes you wince every time s/he opens his mouth. Or is known among other parents as a bully. Your friends are constantly being called into the principal’s office to discuss their child’s behavior. And, most crushingly of all, […]

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6 Children’s Storybooks Every Emotionally Intelligent Adult Should Read


This is a list of fabulous books you should read. If you have a child, I recommend you read these books together and talk about the messages inherent within them. Discuss what the message means for your own life and share that with your child. And listen carefully to what s/he has to say about […]

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