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Infographic: The Bottom Line on Employee Engagement


Compelling data on employee engagement, but leaders are still making three tragic mistakes. Emotional intelligence is key.

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Time for EQ in Singapore & Malaysia


Here’s the latest data on emotional intelligence in Singapore and Malaysia — the good news, the bad news, and what to do about it!

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The Myth of Winning


Here’s why we make the boss, a colleague, a customer, spouses and lovers, and even our children into enemies — and a better way. It starts with our brains, and being addicted to the pleasure of righteousness.

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Stagnation & Vitality: The Value of EQ in Japan


A sold-out crowd at the July 2014 EQ Conference in Tokyo celebrated the power of emotional intelligence as a driver of positive change. One core message of the event: As we’re working to create economic vitality, we need also to re-invigorate the “people-side” as well. EQ provides a structure to do this in way that’s […]

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EQ in Hospitality Business Middle East

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.36.12 PM

How can hoteliers create that elusive energy that “infects” guests with delight? Hospitality Business ME interviewed Jayne Morrison in Dubai for the secret ingredients.

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Talking About Great Leaders: Creating Conditions for Performance


New research reveals essentials for great leadership today. What if you could “peek inside” the relationships of thousands of high performing leaders – what sets the best leaders apart?

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Is Your Leadership About Mushrooms or Sunflowers?


Successful leadership today must increase employee engagement and develop & attract and retain talent. What does it take to be this kind of leader? Hint: It’s not like growing mushrooms.

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Emotional Intelligence and Trust, Interview with Lea Brovedani

Trusted: A Leader's Lesson, by Lea Brovedani - business book

In an interview with Robin Hills from Ei4Change at the South Africa EQ Summit, Lea Brovedani shared how she got involved in the emotional intelligence community, and how that’s informed her work on TRUST.

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Nice or Kind?


Are you striving for “nice” or “kind”? It’s a profound distinction & key to being a trusted leader — and an ally or friend. Duplicity can masquerade as “nice,” here’s how to avoid the trap.

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Time to redefine “engagement”?


What does ’employee engagement’ really mean? And is that enough to drive the results we need?

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