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Authenticity in the Digital Age: How to Own Your Story


Vitality Presenter Profile A Conversation with Michael Margolis of StoryU Leaders, in business and life, want to help people change in positive ways. But how do you gain the influence to do so… and engage people to motivate change? Michael Margolis says it starts with authentically telling your story: “Here is how you invite people […]

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More Postcards Every Manager Needs on their Wall


A Vital Organization is one where people are meaningfully engaged in doing the work that matters. How do we get there? Three key principles leaders can follow to increase vitality; Measure it, fuel it, direct it.

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Does IQ Beat EQ? Wrong Question.


After 100 years of research, there’s little agreement on the definition of intelligence or how to measure IQ. Yet Adam Grant insists cognitive skill trumps all, and “Emotional Intelligence Is Overrated.” His critique is wrong, but important.

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Where is Competitive Advantage? (Infographics)


If the we’re in a world of rapid change, then we better stop using the Rules of Management created in the 17th Century. Here are the 3 postcards that every manager needs on the wall today

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The Vital Organization


A compelling new book for every manager. Emotions drive people, and people drive performance — here’s how to make it happen.

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Celebrating Employees to Create the Customer Experience


Working with an amazing org on bringing emotional intelligence more fully into their culture in order to create a better customer experience. They offer a mission-critical, expensive, serious service and they have long-term customers: Relationship is lifeblood for this business.  They want customers to have a fabulous experience, even when there are issues.  We know that […]

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Relationships Matter


Many companies try to pursue execution, teamwork, motivation, and change without paying attention to human relationships, but the results are not sustainable. Here’s the missing ingredient.

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Infographic: The Bottom Line on Employee Engagement


Compelling data on employee engagement, but leaders are still making three tragic mistakes. Emotional intelligence is key.

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Time for EQ in Singapore & Malaysia


Here’s the latest data on emotional intelligence in Singapore and Malaysia — the good news, the bad news, and what to do about it!

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The Myth of Winning


Here’s why we make the boss, a colleague, a customer, spouses and lovers, and even our children into enemies — and a better way. It starts with our brains, and being addicted to the pleasure of righteousness.

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