EQ Business

The Erosion of Trust


Once the building has gone over the cliff, it’s pretty hard to haul it back up. Best thing is to make sure the foundation is strong — here’s how you build a character worth trusting.

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How Emotional Intelligence Works


Let’s break it down: What is emotional intelligence and why does it matter?  How does this make a difference in my life at work, school, home? Next week is our 3rd annual free online conference, EQ Week.  To make the most of the program, here’s a quick intro to emotional intelligence (EQ) — and how […]

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Conflicting Stories of Employee Engagement


I was thinking back on a long career grappling with organizational change and striving to enhance employee engagement, both as a senior executive and then as an external consultant. I envisioned these two sides of my organizational persona meeting in a bar over a beer:  The executive side says, “You know, we’ve tried everything to […]

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The Zing That Unlocks Everything


Every manager wants employees to come in with that extra “zing” — that spark that creates breakthroughs, that’s magnetic to customers, that somehow lifts the whole enterprise. Is this a leadership responsibility? Something for which you can hire? How do we get more?

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EQ Week Free Online Conference


EQ Week is the world’s largest emotional intelligence conference – and it’s entirely free for anyone with internet access. How can emotions support thriving, at work, at school, and at home? Join us to explore this amazing frontier of the brain – and heart.

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Become a Commanding Communicator: Three Trust Tips


Is your leadership communication earning you trust? Take this trust quiz, then try three powerful tips to become a Commanding Communicator.

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Case Study: Emotional Intelligence for People-First Leadership at FedEx Express


What happens when new managers receive emotional intelligence training? The six-month program is delivering significant improvements in EQ skills — tied to dramatic increases in influence, quality of life, and decision making.

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Inspiring Employee Engagement through Emotional Intelligence


Low employee engagement costs $350 billion/yr in the US alone — but despite a decade of efforts, engagement levels remain about the same. Why? Most engagement strategies are “emotionally un-intelligent” and so they actually undermine motivation…

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White Paper: Increasing Employee Engagement at Komatsu


Can we increase Employee Engagement in an economic challenge? What’s the benefit? Case study at Komatsu plant using “Vital Signs” and “Emotional Intelligence”: engagement increased from 33 to 70%. At the same time, plant performance increased by 9.4%.

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Self-Trust: Lead Thyself


Do you trust yourself? Are you trusted by others? I’ve had the privilege of speaking to many strong leaders in business, government, finance and education, and asked a question that’s changed my understanding of leadership and the role of trust – particularly self trust. The question: “If you had to make an important decision and […]

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