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Case: Emotional Intelligence for Change at Sheraton Studio City


Bringing emotional intelligence tools and skills into the leadership team assisted the Sheraton Studio City to rapidly and successfully transform into a top-performing property with #1 Sheraton ratings and a 24% increase in market share. Background In December, 2002, a new General Manager was taking over the Sheraton Studio City Hotel to increase profitability in […]

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Ongoing Interview with Daniel Goleman on LinkedIN

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Check out our “live interactive” interview with Dr. Daniel Goleman — and participate in the discussion! Every few days I’m posting a question and Dan’s answer, and members of the EQ Network @ LinkedIN (now > 10,000 members!!!) are invited to participate in the discussion.

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Three Tools for (Workplace) Communication

Communication in the workplace is a constant challenge. The pressures to perform and the chaos of constant change often create an environment which makes a “meeting of the minds” seem like an oxymoron. Fortunately, research on emotions and the brain has helped clarify key communication tools. Paying attention to emotional subtext will build a deeper […]

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Accountable Communication: Make clear commitments without wiggle room, and you will empower yourself and others.


Can you hold someone accountable? Some people talk about accountability as a system for making sure people do what we want them to do. In other words, a way of creating obedience — the person in power shapes behavior through rewards and punishments. In this system, the “boss” sets expectations, and the “inferior” person complies. […]

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Got Trust?

The levels of trust within a team determine its effectiveness and health. Without trust, teams can be plagued with hidden agendas, defensiveness, and passive aggressive maneuvers. During team meetings, the best ideas are lost, as members censor themselves. Without the necessary conflict of ideas, the team is more likely to make inferior decisions–with disastrous results. […]

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Executive Presence

Your ability to connect with others is the critical difference between average and great results. Your style – your executive presence – affects your ability to have the impact you want in any situation, from one-to-one interactions and group meetings to stand up presentations.

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The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence 2010

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Newly updated, the 2010 Business Case for Emotional Intelligence is an in-depth analysis of current research presented in a compelling, engaging eBook — available for free download (see below).  The eBook covers…. Executive Summary: “The evidence is increasingly compelling. The measurable, learnable skills of emotional intelligence make a significant impact on organizational performance. EQ may […]

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Optimism: The Hidden Asset


What does it really mean to “be optimistic”? Here’s the answer with 17 practical tips to put it into action.

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New US Air Force Study: EQ to Save $190 Million

In 2007, the US Air Force began to explore the possibility of applying emotional intelligence (EI) to predict performance in training programs for pilots, air traffic controllers and pararescue jumpers (“PJs” — who’s mission is to rescue downed aircrew). The PJ program was one of their top priorities. This training program takes nearly two years […]

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Leadership Success and Emotional Intelligence in the Middle East

Abstract: The United Arab Emirates is emerging as the business capital of the Middle East. In this complex, demanding environment, to what extent do the “soft skills” of emotional intelligence matter? In a study of 418 leaders living in the region, there is a very strong relationship between emotional intelligence skills and performance outcomes. Scores […]

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