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“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. A few years ago we enjoyed a business climate where companies flourished with little effort; stocks soared, cash was everywhere, and growth seemed automatic. Now we’re […]

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Connecting Across a Generation Gap

Talking to lovely grandparents, they were asking if I thought it strange how teens are so public, for example posting comments about crude behavior….  On the one hand I do find it strange.  Looking @ what videos are popular on myspace — why would someone post a video of drinking at a party… and why […]

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Emotion, Humanity, & Geopolitics

Just listened to a fab radio show from The Really Big Questions about emotion. talks about some of the science and implications for us individually and collectively. The just forgot to say, “and if you want to learn how to effectively use these incredible resources, contact Six Seconds” Definitely listen to this one and let […]

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Assent, Dissent, Descent


Recently… I told Emma (8-year-old daughter) she needed to get dressed to go. Instant protest, heel-dragging, power struggle. Yet we were going to do something she wanted!  I observed a new cross-functional team starting up. The person assigned to schedule the first meeting asserted, “Since no one else wants to, I will chair the team.” […]

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“Pursuing” Noble Goals


In the Six Seconds EQ Model, the “capstone” is a competency we call “Pursue Noble Goals.” Members of the Six Seconds’ team were discussing this last week, and reflecting that especially in “tough times” it’s easy to feel stuck and have a sense that the work you really want to do is occluded by the […]

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The Motivation Iceberg

motivation iceberg

This simple, clear model shows how different motivators drive different kinds of performance — and helps managers, leaders, parents, educators — anyone concerned with motivating others — consider how to use their emotional intelligence to fuel lasting motivation. This model is presented in the “Motivation from the Inside Out” module in the Developing Human Performance […]

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The Science of Trust: Economics and Virtue

Found this fascinating – they don’t talk about emotional intelligence per-se, but a lot about emotions and trust — amazing that top economists are admitting that the science of economics is NOT RATIONAL, that there is an “animal spirit” that drives the economy (perhaps we could say take the radical step of using the word […]

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What is your work?

I was consulting with a client recently about his work and the changes he’d like to implement in his healthcare services business.  He’s facing two changes: shifting from being a professional to being a manager & leader — instead of doing his hands-on care and sometimes checking in with others, the change would move him […]

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Powerful Unseen Forces at Work

Does this scenario sound familiar? A manager perpetuates inefficient policies to protect his departmental “turf.” “Greg” wants assurances that all “his” numbers are credited to him. He is afraid to share credit on any project for fear of budget or position cuts. So Greg duplicates the work of other departments and won’t streamline processes. As […]

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The Talisman of Leadership — Authenticity


Authenticity is a rare and invaluable leadership trait — the foundation of credibility and trust, authenticity is even more critical in times of challenge and complexity. Adapted from a chapter in Bruna Martinuzzi’s new book, The Leader as a Mensch: Become the Kind of Person Others Want to Follow, this article provides a clear explanation […]

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