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I’m Just Trying to Be Honest


We’re so good at excusing our own meanness. What would happen if we stopped? Emotional intelligence offers a way to get rid of the illusion of self-protection afforded by hurting others, and stand up as the best version of ourselves.

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What’s The Change Maker’s Lab?


Six Seconds is a network of change makers working to improve schools, communities, businesses, families… lives. The Change Maker’s Lab is a collaborative event to work together on essential tools and resources to advance our individual and shared work. Here’s how:

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Don’t Settle for Happiness: Emotional Intelligence and Life Worth Living


How do you increase happiness, and is that a useful goal? What do we mean by happiness anyway? Using emotional intelligence we can go from ‘happy’ to ‘thriving.’

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What does “teamwork” mean?


What do we mean by “team”? Is it enough to work in harmony, or are we demanding a spark of something new? What are the key ingredients?

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Sparks of Change


A few highlights from NexusEQ: 260 change makers. 80 presenters. 50 cases. 32 countries. 3 days overflowing with sparks for positive change. What did we learn about neuroscience, learning, change, and harnessing the power of emotions?

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Crossing the Gap: From Science to Practice


The value of emotional intelligence is established. Now: How do we actually use it? What does it look like to create organizational value (in business as well as in education and government organizations)? What are the essential ingredients?

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The Third Decade of Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence was discovered in the 1990s. The value was proven in the 2000s. What will happen in this third decade with the science and practice of emotional intelligence?

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Listening Leaders


Surveying thousands of people over 15 years, there are two attributes that make real leaders stand out.  This first is listening.  Why’s it such a rare and powerful practice among leaders?  What would it take to be one of those? Today, I spoke with a group of business leaders in Lisbon, and again, listening popped […]

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Your Three Essential Messages

3 steps to apply emotional intelligence

If you could deliver a brief message to half a million people people, what would you say? Facing this challenge helped me clarify the simplicity of how we can actually APPLY emotional intelligence to create positive change.

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Reinventing Education for Change Leaders: Head + Heart + Hands


What do future change makers needs? While traditional “intelligence” is important, today success requires skills for being self-aware, collaborating with others, and creating new possibilities — in other words, emotional intelligence.

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