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Positive New Perspectives on Education, Parenting Abound at Virtual Festival of Emotional Intelligence


EQ Week features leading neuroscientists, psychologists and educators sharing latest findings, practical applications of emotional intelligence research

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Case Study: Emotional Intelligence for People-First Leadership at FedEx Express


What happens when new managers receive emotional intelligence training? The six-month program is delivering significant improvements in EQ skills — tied to dramatic increases in influence, quality of life, and decision making.

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What About New Year’s Resolutions?


Traditional “New Year’s Resolutions” create unrealistic expectations and then giving up. Here’s a different approach, plus two fab free tools to make it work.

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Three Tips for Holiday Peace


How can we use emotional intelligence to reconnect with the joy and peace of the holidays? Here are three practical, powerful steps to move from reacting to responding.

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1 Billion for Emotional Intelligence: Are you in?


We think the world would be a better place if 1 billion people were practicing the skills of emotional intelligence. Do you? What would happen? Here’s our plan!

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Should Emotional Intelligence be Taught?


“Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught,” a recent The New York Times article generated over 400 comments and thousands of additional posts and tweets (Google offers 535,000 hits).  Those of us working in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) know the answer — yes.  It can.   The NYT comments, however, were largely about a different question:  Should it? One […]

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Disconnecting and Connecting: Daniel Goleman & Joshua Freedman on FOCUS, part 3


In the chaos of contemporary life, how do we maintain connection to self and others?   Is it enough to “unplug” once in awhile?  We are constructing a “new normal” – what are the internal and relational skills needed to thrive in these times of disconnection and connection? Daniel Goleman and Joshua Freedman continue to […]

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New Website Beta


We’re completely updating a new look — and new focus. What do you notice about the site?  What’s great – and what’s not?  Leave comments below!  

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Back in Focus – Daniel Goleman and Joshua Freedman on Attention and Emotion, Part 2


How do we fully engage attention to use the full power of our minds? What fuels and blocks performance in work and life? Joshua Freedman & Daniel Goleman discuss his new book discuss the science of attention and how it applies to life in the office, in nature – and even in bed.

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The Lie of “I’m Fine” and Other Emotional Deceptions


Why is it SO difficult to communicate? A starting point is a wide-spread lie we tell others — and ourselves. Here’s how to go deeper.

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