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About the author - Alex Russell

Alex is a Program Manager for Six Seconds focused on effectively increasing emotional intelligence by using a data-driven, evidence-based process for structuring transformation.  In addition to her consulting and coaching, Alex conducts research on organizational & school climate and the links between EQ and success.

EQ competencies when we’re ‘not at our strongest?’

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what happens to our EQ competencies when we’re stressed or compromised. This came about after taking the SEI several months ago and then taking it again recently with dramatically different results. I thought about the ‘snapshot’ concept and tried to place my frame of mind the first time […]

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Indomitable Spirit of a 10 Year Old

My ten year old is an amazing and resilient spirit. It’s hard to explain if you don’t know him, but he’s not your typical kid and we all know a kid or two like him, I’m sure. He has some learning issues that are new to us over the course of the last year. Actually, […]

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Language and EQ – Keeping it Real

I was reading an article the other day about IQ, an interview between Mark Dery and Steven Pinker (, and while I was incredibly interested in the topic, I couldn’t help feeling that the whole article was excessively wordy. With a background as a biologist, I am capable of wading through wordy articles and sometimes […]

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Changing How We Work

Yesterday I came across a common situation at work and was frustrated mostly by how simple it seemed to make a change. A colleague finds himself feeling stuck, caught in a position between a demanding and sometimes irrational boss and a team that is dissatisfied and distrustful. The team has had many changes ‘thrust’ upon […]

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