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Three Essential Facts About Feelings

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This brief video illustrates three essential facts about feelings — that will help everyone gain insight and energy to live and lead.

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Ask the Right Questions: Alan Cooper


Central to teaching is asking — but are teachers asking the right questions? Here’s a practical way to look at questioning.

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Panic Attacks, Intelligence, and Emotions: The Complicated Relationship


What are panic attacks, and how might emotional intelligence help with this challenge?

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eWeek Success – Largest Emotional Intelligence Conference

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The “eWeek” virtual emotional intelligence festival served as the launch of the NexusEQ Conference, Harvard University, June 2013, featuring neuroscientists, authors, and experts on emotion, learning, and business.  A webinar will be held in April to announce international delegations for the conference at Harvard. The program included 22 webinars with 9,495 session signups, making it […]

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Parenting Q&A with Annie Fox and Sue McNamara


What are the real challenges facing parents? Author Annie Fox discusses parenting teens with emotional intelligence expert Sue McNamara — how do we talk to teens? How do we help them be people who make good choices?

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Enhance Emotional Literacy


Emotional literacy helps you notice, name, and understand feelings. This provides critical information about you (and about others), which gives you insight into the core drivers of behavior. This understanding is also key to managing your reactions.

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White Paper: Stress, EQ, and Performance in Healthcare


by Lorenzo Fariselli, Joshua Freedman, Massimiliano Ghini MBA, Federica Valentini Publication Date: Feb 25, 2008 A press release and a powerpoint are available to accompany this paper, as well as a PDF version. Abstract As in many fields, healthcare is a complex and stressful environment where interpersonal interactions are of paramount importance.  This study finds that in […]

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Interview on Why Social Emotional Learning

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Six Seconds: A Global Organization leading the way to Social and Emotional Learning Interview with Joshua Freedman and Susan Stillman of Six Seconds What does Six Seconds do — and how did “Self-Science” arise?  Why is social emotional learning so important today – especially given the violence that’s plaguing our schools?  What’s happening at Synapse, […]

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Forget IQ, it’s your EQ that matters – The National


Jayne Morrison: “People with higher EQs have more meaningful relationships because they have a greater sense of self-awareness, they understand their emotions and how these drive their thoughts and behaviours, and are mindful of how these affect others. People with higher EQs also make intentional choices in their interactions with others, using consequential thinking before taking action instead of drifting through life on autopilot.”

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Business EQ – SmartFM Jakarta


Jakarta EQ radio show – in a mix of Bahasa Indonesia and English, the lively discussion focuses on why and how to bring emotional intelligence into leadership — and the unique needs for EQ leadership in Indonesia.

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