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White Paper: Stress, EQ, and Performance in Healthcare


by Lorenzo Fariselli, Joshua Freedman, Massimiliano Ghini MBA, Federica Valentini Publication Date: Feb 25, 2008 A press release and a powerpoint are available to accompany this paper, as well as a PDF version. Abstract As in many fields, healthcare is a complex and stressful environment where interpersonal interactions are of paramount importance.  This study finds that in […]

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Interview on Why Social Emotional Learning

circle of kid handprints

Six Seconds: A Global Organization leading the way to Social and Emotional Learning Interview with Joshua Freedman and Susan Stillman of Six Seconds What does Six Seconds do — and how did “Self-Science” arise?  Why is social emotional learning so important today – especially given the violence that’s plaguing our schools?  What’s happening at Synapse, […]

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Forget IQ, it’s your EQ that matters – The National


Jayne Morrison: “People with higher EQs have more meaningful relationships because they have a greater sense of self-awareness, they understand their emotions and how these drive their thoughts and behaviours, and are mindful of how these affect others. People with higher EQs also make intentional choices in their interactions with others, using consequential thinking before taking action instead of drifting through life on autopilot.”

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Business EQ – SmartFM Jakarta


Jakarta EQ radio show – in a mix of Bahasa Indonesia and English, the lively discussion focuses on why and how to bring emotional intelligence into leadership — and the unique needs for EQ leadership in Indonesia.

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Fabulous Free EQ Webinars Coming Soon

Why does purpose matter? How do we use EQ as parents? How can I coach more effectively? What makes SEL research work? Click the title of any of these upcoming webinars to learn more and register! These are ONLINE so you can attend from anywhere. We attempt to record all webinars, and you can register to get the recording, or to attend live (and if you register attend, we’ll also send the recording)

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Does Purpose Affect Emotions?

Here’s a 2-min video you’ll want to consider. One of the unusual ingredients in the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence is the competency of “Pursue Noble Goals.” Do we all need “noble” goals? Aren’t self-interested goals what really motivates people? Any why would this be part of “Emotional Intelligence”?

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Wishes for EQ Advocacy @ Work


Results of our survey to our business network shows a need for more skills and resources for introducing EQ in the workplace, and making a clear business case.

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Breaking News Recap – Unveiling EQ for 2013


Seconds Breaking News – unveiling powerful new tools and opportunities to spread emotional intelligence and support positive change. Joshua Freedman and Max Ghini presented, for the first time ever, the forthcoming plans from Six Seconds — including the new concept of Brain Style and the Brain Brief Profiles – the Education Vital Signs – and the NexusEQ Conference at Harvard University, featuring International Delegations.

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Head of School Search – Synapse School


Synapse School is pleased to announce an Executive Leadership Opportunity for July 2013: Synapse School is seeking a creative Head of School who, together with the Synapse community, founders and Board, will work to continue the growth and success of the school.

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Free Virtual EQ Conference Update

 It’s shaping up to be the biggest event in the history of EQ – now over 3000 registrations for this amazing marathon of free webinars from top experts.  Accessible worldwide, anyone with internet is invited to join and learn about the powerful science and practice of emotional intelligence starting July 6 at 00 Universal Time (that’s 5pm […]

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