If you’re a business leader and you want to bring emotional intelligence training to improve people-performance, where do you start? Based on interviews with dozens of business leaders, getting started is a barrier: EQ is a big field and there are many approaches so there is a lot of noise. Plus, it is time consuming to plan an effective implementation. The research reveals three essential ingredients to get started with emotional intelligence training for business.

Best Practices to Get Stated on Emotional Intelligence Training for Business

The three key ingredients are below under “How Emotional Intelligence Training for Business,” but in case it’s not 100% clear that this is a “must do” in today’s business context, here’s why:

Why Emotional Intelligence Training for Business…

In the Workplace Issues Survey the top two issues: (1) retaining good people and also (2) developing leadership capability make the most of people’s talents — both of which can be addressed with emotional intelligence training.  But respondents also said organizations find it difficult to know HOW to implement emotional intelligence training in business.

As the recent Talking About Great Leaders research showed, people need leaders who are both “business-people” and also “people-people.” This is especially important when people are burned out after years of “do more with less” as well as increasing complexity. It’s probably why the business case for emotional intelligence shows that EQ is the most powerful predictor of leadership performance.

How Emotional Intelligence Training for Business…

Interviewing dozens of business leaders, we learned business leaders are concerned that emotional intelligence is perceived as “soft,” and so it’s essential to make EQ highly relevant and practice. As a result, leaders require a robust, research-backed approach with many case studies and history to prove credibility.

Beyond that are three key needs for emotional intelligence training to be effective in business:

  1. Easy, practical way to get started without big travel & training costs.
    Link EQ to business priorities such as improved collaboration and increased effectiveness. This is business, not university, therefore make it relevant to the workplace. The theory is important, but only if it’s actionable.
  2. Go beyond the surface overview.
    There are many “intro to EQ” programs out there, but most stop after raising awareness. To build value, particularly looking at the cases where learning & development professionals are effectively using EQ, the methods and tools need to be substantive. Yes, it’s important to be easy, but if the tools are not robust, it’s just entertainment.
  3. Provide a range of tools and techniques that can be integrated into what the business already does.
    Once a company has decided to use emotional intelligence to create business value, EQ has to be woven into the culture. Rather than just being taught in a workshop, leaders need building blocks and tools to apply.

Practical EQ Training: 1-2-3 GO!

Examining the research to meet the best practices above, Six Seconds has created a 1-2-3 kit for emotional intelligence training for business. Designed for business leaders to get started, go further, then dive deep, the kits all include proven emotional intelligence tools to generate practical metrics, as well as field-tested learning materials that make sense in business, plus support and training scaled to your needs and budget (here is a downloadable PDF overview). 

three kits for businesses to get started with emotional intelligence training

1. Get started with EQ Training

This emotional intelligence training kit includes eLearning for a quick start, a simply-powerful assessment (the EQ Brain Profiles), and an outstanding set of workshops called Management Essentials.

Management Essentials tackles the five key factors that drive business performance — based on the decade-long research presented in The Vital Organization: Trust, Teamwork, Change, Motivation, and Execution. The kit includes slides, scripts, handouts & assessments to create a compelling launch for emotional intelligence training for business.

2. Go further with EQ Metrics

The Level 2 kit includes the full SEI Emotional Intelligence Assessment certification, delivered 1-1 through eLearning + coaching. Business leaders find this approach highly effective. As Jim Vaive, CEO of VarmentGuard wrote:

“When I started training in emotional intelligence for business I owned another business and did not have time to travel to a distant city to take ‘in person’ training. I then found out about Six Seconds’ 1-1 training which was fantastic and fit my busy needs to a tee. I jumped in and started there and never looked back.”

The courseware in Level 2 is five workshops on Being a Leader from the Developing Human Performance management curriculum. This is a perfect fit with the EQ Leadership assessment in the SEI emotional intelligence test. These workshops directly address the issues raised in the Workplace Issues research – equipping leaders to understand that leadership is a people business, and giving them tools to make that real.

3. Integrate EQ with Certification Training

Focused on the practice of emotional intelligence, the EQ Practitioner Certification provides a deep dive into how EQ unlocks positive change. Since 1998, over 10,000 professionals have found this program to be an exceptional experience:

“A transformation program for yourself, your organization, and the world. You have inspired me for the next 100 years – thank you.”

– Genny Kresic, Director, MCAP (and here are >100 more testimonials)

The “Level 3” kit includes this 5-day in-person program, plus membership in the Certified Practitioner Library with a host of material for practicing and sharing EQ. It also includes 1-1 coaching to take next steps integrating this robust methodology into the organization.


Learn more about the kits for emotional intelligence training here – or download the PDF summary here. The packages are on special for the rest of 2016.

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