Joaquin Pheonix as Theodore in “Her”

There is a stereotype of the Silicon Valley engineer hunched over his code, alone in his cubicle. In the movie, “Her”, the main character in that dystopian near future embodies a hyper-connected isolation born of too much gadgetry, and not enough humanity. 

What are companies like Facebook and Google doing to explore how emotional intelligence fits into the tech world? Quite a bit of innovative thinking, it turns out, and not surprisingly. Silicon Valley has been a consistent generator of new ideas for several decades, even ideas about how to navigate the world their products helped create. Strong evidence supports the idea that real success is achieved when people can play and work well with others on top of being smart and creative with technology.

Vitality Conference includes coaches working with Google, Facebook, Zappos and more

At Vitality, pioneers in the intersection of emotional intelligence and tech will be sharing their stories. The week of March 16-20th, EQ coaches working with Zappos IP Inc, Amazon, HP, FedEx,Facebook, and Google will be presenting at Six Seconds’ 4th Annual Vitality emotional intelligence conference. The topics include using emotional intelligence to build teams and effective organizations, increase employee loyalty and retention, and improve overall success.

Here are some highlights among the 70+ live webinars now open for free registration:



Robert Chender

 On Monday March 16 Robert Chender will demonstrate the Search Inside Yourself science-based mindfulness curriculum designed and tested at Google. Effective leadership isn’t about just checking off more tasks. It’s defined by how well we use our minds and interact with others. We need flexibility and clear purpose in the face of complexity. We need balance, insight, and the ability to inspire others. Based on the concepts of emotional intelligence, Google developed an employee training program that supports reflection over reactivity and teaches a particular practice of meditation called mindfulness.




Rich Hazeltine

On Wednesday, March 18 at 3:00 pm, Rich Hazeltine, Sr. Manager of Tech University at Zappos, IP Inc., will address what kinds of leadership skills are needed for technical experts to be leaders of people. He will also talk about how to make the case for emotional intelligence in tech companies.

Rich says:

“In the tech sector, and probably everywhere, the ‘secret’ ingredient to great leadership is connecting with people. I teach emotional intelligence because it’s the skill-set that enables managers to actually lead.”





Arturo Bejar

On Thursday March 19 at 2:00 pm PDT, Arturo Bejar, director of engineering for the Facebook Protect and Care team will talk about his work developing tools to help Facebook users be more empathetic in their online communications. He has focused especially on teen Facebook users, and developed tools they can use to combat cyberbullying. He will discuss how Facebook is using emotional intelligence and millions of datapoints to facilitate better connections between its users.

Also on Thursday, at 7pm, Jeanine Becker, a leadership consultant who’s worked with Motorola Mobility, Mellon Capital, and FSG, will give a webinar on Collaborative Leadership.


We are very pleased that these sessions will be available free of charge to the public and that our presenters are offering their time as volunteers to help us spread the wisdom of emotional intelligence across the world.


To learn more and register for Vitality:


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