We know when we have connected to a vital business or organization. We can feel the passion of its leaders, the excitement and dedication of its front-line employees, and the enthusiastic support of its customers.

Would you like to know how to create that sense of vitality in your organization? Six Seconds’ 4th Annual Virtual Emotional Intelligence Conference, Vitality, March 16-20, has a fabulous line-up of business experts ready to share their knowledge and experience about building vital organizations.


Free webinars on building organizational vitality can be found throughout the 5-day conference. Here are some highlights in three key business dimensions to get you “hooked” into joining us for this remarkable event:

Energizing Leadership and Change


Rich Hazeltine, Zappos

 Richard Hazeltine will reveal Vitality the Zappos Way, how EQ is the key to becoming a true leader of people even in a technical business, and Max Ghini will inspire us with the architecture of the vital organization. Eleni Pallas will illustrate her powerful idea of human-centric leadership and John Dare will share his experience building leaders at all organizational levels.

Harvey Deutchendorf will stress the importance of being a trustworthy leader with new employees from the first day and Tim Alur will advocate for EQ as vital to the change process. Nick LeForce will teach us how to lead from the heart and Dawn Karner will recount her experience building executive vitality in the C-Suite. 


Michael Margolis

Michael Margolis will reinforce how authentic and compelling stories can produce transformative change and Clara Vitalini will highlight the vital role EQ must play when selecting senior leaders. I will introduce Vital Signs, Six Seconds’ suite of organization assessment tools, and talk about how to use vital data to drive change. I will also share my recent research on how embracing an ethic of sustainability can help create a vital organizational culture.


Enhancing Productivity and Customer Relationships

Luigi Mazzola

Luigi Mazzola

Luigi Mazzola will compare Formula 1 racing to building a vital company and Raymond Phoon will talk about his world-class work on harnessing vitality to engage with customers.

Miguel Freitas will tell us about how to make a plan that sticks by encouraging powerful feedback and Relly Nadler will describe the steps necessary to optimize organizations for productivity.   

Robert Chender will convey the power of mindfulness-based EQ.  Steve Samson will share The Deepest Hook, how to use emotions to grab and hold your audience. 


Angela Giacoumis

Angela Giacoumis will present a business case in which EQ vitalized sales professionals to improve performance by 18%. Lyn Christian will share how to cut through chaos with focus and Elad Levinson will talk about managing your focus to control your power.



Creating Vital Teams


Ramona Miranda

Marcy Axelrod will detail ways to transform team coherence by increasing vitality and Eldon Pascoe will encourage us to enhance vitality by celebrating team success. 

Ramona Miranda will talk about path-breaking research on the unique EQ capabilities women bring to team leadership. Nehad Tadros will explore the link between a positive mindset and increasing enthusiasm, vibrancy, and endurance and Sue Langley will tell us how to build positive connections with your social brain. Jeanine Becker will discuss the leadership qualities required to build the collaboration that increases impact.


Register now for Vitality. It’s free. It’s online. March 16-20, 2015.

If I have piqued your interest with these brief descriptions, please come join the conversation on building organizational vitality. Registration and more information on each day’s webinars can be found here. By the way, if you speak Italian or Portuguese, check out the agenda for additional business-related webinars in those languages.

Paul Stillman

Paul Stillman is Director of Organizational Vitality at Six Seconds. He has over 30 years of experience as a healthcare executive and consultant. Paul leads global efforts to promote the use of Vital Signs, Six Seconds' suite of organization assessment tools. He has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems and is a Life Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.