Every manager wants employees to come in with that extra “zing” — that spark that creates breakthroughs, that’s magnetic to customers, that somehow lifts the whole enterprise.

Is this a leadership responsibility?  Something for which you can hire?  How do we get more?


During EQ Week — the free global online conference about using emotions as a source for thriving — there are a number of webinars that will talk about unlocking this “spark of excellence.”  The event offers an incredible array of free webinars on emotional intelligence (www.EQweek.org – the online conference, Mar 10-15).  

Here are just a few that will provide great tips for that oh-so-elusive engagement that leads to breakthrough:

EQ  & Employee Engagement

As Joel Head explained in a recent post, deep engagement is all about emotion.  Joel will present a webinar during EQ week to elaborate. Several other sessions follow this theme:

Richard Boyatzis: Coaching Leaders Toward Emotional Intelligence
Tap the latest neuroscience to understand the role of emotion as the catalyst for change.

Paul Stillman: The Vital Signs of Engagement
Challenged by organizational change? Measure what matters. get to the heart of enhancing engagement.

Carolyn Meacher: The Human Side of Change
What does it actually take to enroll people?

Shirzad Chamine: Positive Intelligence
Based on lectures at Stanford University and New York Times bestseller, intercept hidden mental sabotage to get stress-free performance.

Joel Head: Inspire Engagement with EQ
Old methods are not improving employee engagement. Learn how EQ can make a real difference by getting past the surface.

How Do you Motivate Yourself and Others?

Maybe getting that extra “zing” in the office requires that we start with ourselves.  Here are just a few of the sessions that will provide great tips on harnessing your inner mojo:

Banu Hantal: Buddha the EQ Genius
Siddhartha’s technique turned him into an EQ genius and a Buddha. Learn his technique and how we can use it.

Ayman Sawaf: Executive EQ Revisited
To put emotions on the balance sheet, we need to become “emotional alchemists.”

Sharon Richmond: Lead So People Will Follow
Want a team that really produces? Build safety and connection. Trust and performance will follow!

Eve Ekman:  The Science of Empathy at Work
Building on skills of self awareness learn about the highest form of emotional intelligence in the workplace: empathy.

All the webinars are free.  You can join LIVE and participate directly with the speaker and group — and/or you can get the recording link to watch the webinar for a month.  The live sessions will “sell out” (some already are) so please register asap.

Go to EQweek.org or click this banner:


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