We think the world would be a better place if 1 billion people were practicing the skills of emotional intelligence.

What would happen? 

You are essential to making this vision reality — here’s what we want to do together:


We were talking about goals, and you know the risk of that discussion?

Anabel Jensen, Six Seconds’ President, said:  “By my 100th birthday, I want a billion people practicing EQ!”  For months, this idea kept coming back in our discussions — and at the start of 2013, we adopted it as Six Seconds’ vision.  Then the questions started.  “Who are the billion?”  “What does it mean to practice?”  “How do we count?”  “How do we support them?”

In August, our Board met and formally adopted a new strategy to build a network capable of reaching the vision.  

Here are 3 key actions:

network-share1. Share What Works

Six Seconds’ mission is supporting people to create positive change, everywhere, all the time.  As a nonprofit organization, our core work is the space between research and practice — about discovering & innovating what works to create positive change — and sharing that.  R&D and sharing has been at our core for 15 years.  We’re focusing here.

We’ll continue to publish powerful tools and run certification trainings to show people how to use these robust tools and methods.  

The Center for Innovative Management will become the resource center of “what works” in creating thriving organizations.  The Center for Social Emotional Learning is your resource center for how to implement emotional intelligence in education, fueled by research at our lab school, Synapse.  These centers, through a network of Fellows, will drive research and sharing of best practices.

For business, government, and education organizations looking for consulting and training using these methods, we’ll refer those projects to our growing Preferred Partner Network and Certified Network


network-join2. Support People to Practice

Starting in 2014, you will be invited to join Six Seconds as a member.  This will provide you with special resources, insights, connections — and many opportunities to put EQ into practice.  

Together, we’ll launch projects to share EQ, and to practice EQ together.  For example, in January the network will launch iSEL, a virtual course aimed to introduce social emotional learning to 25,000 new teachers.  Easy to imagine how that would both create real value for positive change — and give all of us more chances to practice our EQ skills in real-play.

Ready to join?



3. Engage Change Makers

To make the network amazingly powerful, we need to blend the rich virtual experiences we’ve created (such as the annual Emotions Festival coming again March 10-16) with real-world connections.  

To establish a network that can truly support a billion people, we need many many more “hubs.”  So in addition to Members, we’ve created two additional roles:

Regional Network Directors are leading Six Seconds around the world.  Their mission:  To engage EQ change makers.  Here is a list-in-process of the Regional Network Directors.

EQ Champions are “connectors” building local groups of members.  We’re now in the pilot phase, testing “EQ Meetups” in several locations around the globe.  We’ll be asking active members to step up to this role.


We’ll share much more about this, but in the meantime, please post your comments and questions!

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Joshua is one of the world’s preeminent experts on developing emotional intelligence to create positive change. With warmth and authenticity, he translates leading-edge science into practical, applicable terms that improve the quality of relationships to unlock enduring success. Joshua leads the world’s largest network of emotional intelligence practitioners and researchers.
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