Three Essential Facts About Feelings

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  • This is awesome! Some of the longer sentences went too fast. If you don’t know anything about EQ it would be difficult to process. The message is great! Thank you for sharing…I will share!

  • parentsfriend says:

    Great video and my newest Ebook “Know Your Feelings: Become a Feeling Detective” deals with improving your ability to sense, properly name and act wisely on any feelings signals. Due out this month. Will use this video to help promote.

  • Debra says:

    Love love love the video. So simple yet so engaging.

    • Joshua Freedman says:

      Thanks Deb! It was fun to make. Patty did the illustration using Prezi. She’ll be making the prezi version available soon, and then people can control the speed too. We were talking about what topic to do next. It would be awesome to do one of these about the four directions & EQ!

  • Usha Ramakrishnan says:

    great video masterfully simplifies the intangibles!
    very effective graphics and animations

  • K.G.Rajamohan says:

    Great Effort ! Congrats ! Easy to follow !

  • bandi says:

    this video is excellent

  • J S Jolly says:

    Excellent Video. Crisp, impact ful

  • Love it! Will use it to supplement the idea of self awareness and self management, especially around the subtext that leaks out when our emotions are at play. This is discussed in my new book Managing the Moment: A Leader’s Guide to Building Executive Presence One Interaction at a Time.

  • wjS says:

    Great video. Would be useful for our programs, however it would be a bit too fast for some of our clientele to “catch”. I loved it though !

    • Joshua Freedman says:

      Thanks WJS – I’ll ask our wonderful designer if she can try to give more time on some of those longer lines of text. We were trying to keep it to 90 seconds… :)

  • Lindi Winter- Devereux says:

    Basic information ,but interesting to use when facilitating to a group of learner s new to the concept of EQ

  • Great simplified message about feelings. Do 8 more videos = one for each feeling.
    P.S. I thought there were 6 UNIVERSAL: surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness, sadness. Your video went too fast for me to catch the 8 neuro chemical responses you say there are.

  • Paul Herr says:

    One good video deserves another. Here is a short animation with a similar message. It is titled: “How to Get High at Work (naturally, that is).”

    By the way, Damasio rocks!

  • Ann Rogers says:

    I am so pleased to have seen this video, what a fun way to say so much.

  • Heather McCosker-Howard says:

    This is great..even an adult might understand:)

  • Nancy Lee says:

    Hello! I’m a certified Equine Gestalt Coach in Colorado ( & i work with lots of somatic awareness. I really appreciate your video. However, it is waaaay too fast! Slow it down and let folks take in your fantastic work and content! Sincerely, nancy gerson

  • Truong says:

    Thank you very much

  • Livier Tapia says:

    Congrats for the video. Great concepts. I tried to put pause to read all material but it wasn’t possible. Would it can run concepts more slow? Thanks!,
    Livier Tapia

  • Mike McMahon says:

    Hi Josh, great Video: Illustrates emotions/feelings -response to them and the chemical aspects which make it impossible to escape the EQ outcomes/reality. I now feel that I can now engage with the detective work required to ID and recognise feelings and Emotions in a constructive way— addressing supressed/denied. Emotions from My upbringing firstly as a very young child In a brutal Catholic orphanage followed by More brutality during TEN/10 years in the British army. Institutionalized for the first 25 years of my life. Has made it difficult to show empathy/feelings throughout my life and I’am now nearly seventy (70) but I now have Hope for the future-and will get stuck -into my EQ work-Is there an Workbook that I can use.

    Many thanks to you all–Mike McMahon

  • Deepa says:

    Thanks josh, great video. We need this kind of reminders to face everyday dilemma. better to switch over to joy (sometimes its a hard job) than suffer sadness (often its easier to remain there)

  • Ian poulier says:

    Great’s on my FB timeline…

  • Wonderful video – and great timing as I experienced something of a work-related emotional roller-coaster today in which I was greatly assisted by being able to recognise and work through and with each emotion. I’ll definitely be sharing this. Thank you.

  • Hanny Muchtar Darta says:

    Great presentation, It is very easy to understand. Some texts came too fast. thanks

  • MPC says:

    A few words and animations make such an impact! Great job! Just a bit too fast for long texts.thank you!

  • Especially liked the music!

  • musicjuliaJulia says:

    It doesn’t go too fast. It’s just right with one exception: I couldn’t catch which are the eight basic feelings according to this paradigm. Also: “affect” not “effect.” Please.

  • Angelika says:

    Simply good, thanks

  • Laxmi says:

    Awesome! Though we all know the feelings we don’t the importance attached to each feeling as we ignore the same. Thanks for the video. .

  • Emotions and feelings are NOT interchangeable.
    To attribute either to merely chemical reactions in the brain and body is extremely short sighted and self defeating. Does nothing other than physical circumstances and tangible, observable things provide the only gauge for understanding or wisdom? What of intuition? I guess there is nothing more in the world than what you can see, feel, taste, hear or touch. How tidy. How safe.

  • Edelgard says:

    Hi Joshua, interesting illustration, I was wondering how the states of surprise and anticipation and disgust are an emotion? Do you have any research data that suggest that these states are in fact emotions, that you would be willing to share?

  • Certainly gets your intention – very slick – not sure what the message is except that we need to pay attention to our emotions!

  • Vipul says:

    One of very best explanation in very innovative and interesting way.,…thank you Josh and Patty. Expecting more to come..:)

  • Mám tuto definici: Emoce je spojením situace a pocitu. Situace se udála v minulosti, na tom už nic nelze změnit. Pocity se dají změnit v přítomnosti.
    Zabývám se řešením vlivů pocitů na činnost v přítomnosti. Práce vykonaná v záplavě negativních pocitů je mizerná. Je lepší být a konat v pozitivních pocitech.

    Google translate: I got this definition: Emotion is a combination of situations and feelings. Situation occurred in the past, that nothing can be changed. Feelings can be changed in the present.
    Solution to deal with the effects of emotions on action in the present. The work done by the flood of negative feelings is poor. It is better to be and act in positive feelings.

  • Mithilesh Jatar says:

    Great. Very informative. But moves a bit fast.

  • Wynoka or Leigh says:

    Thanks so much for the time you guys spent in creating this for us :-) It’s greatly appreciated!

  • linda adra says:

    I love it – so clear – yet so deep

  • Eli says:

    Great video! Thank you. I especially liked your joy/sadness reframe.

  • NIce Joshua! Agree that statements flew by a bit too fast–would like a couple more examples in addition to anger. Like the whimsy of it very much.

  • I liked it too except for the part saying emotions are electrochemical events. It’s certainly not true as you so skillfully explained in the rest of the video. The action potential is an electrochemical event and emotions depend upon their existence. I think it’s misleading to start with such an oversimplification because it sets the wrong tone for appreciating the magic that emotions bring to our lives. Consider the motor, sensory or interconnectedness of the brain which are electrochemical events and you quickly realize that emotions have a power far beyond movement, sensation or carrying information from one region of the brain to another. It’s what makes us the unique individuals that we are as human beings participating in a society. I would not reduce the magic of emotions to a biophysical phenomenon of a chemical reaction.

  • Lorraine Gan says:

    Enjoyed watching the video. Insightful. Definitely gave me a bit more information about where my feelings come from!

  • annieocy says:

    Interesting video. It is captivating. I like the part that tells us to think of emotions on a spectrum, not opposites. Interesting insight into our emotions!

  • Susan King says:

    The video helped me understand that emotions need not be viewed as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (positive or negative) but as sign posts that can help us observe our emotions and be at peace with them.

  • Glenda says:

    Interesting, insightful, short video summarizing that emotions are messages. Will defiintely share as a starting point for an extended discussion.

  • So simple in presentation and yet such a complex issue! “The more I learn, the more I realise, the less I know” to quote Barbara Streisand in Yentl! Every emotion exists to focus our attention and to motivate us to do something (which in some cases means not doing) – this is the key takeout for me.

  • Elisa Nazarian says:

    The video helped me understand and notice that emotions are not measured as positive or negative.
    It helped me understand what is actually happening inside me and around. Emotions are reflected and they are messages sent to express what is going on. They are a sign when we flow through the Think, Feel, Act cycle we will trully be on the right path.

  • Elizabeth says:

    All emotions are useful. There are no good and bad emotions. Giving up on one emotion will cause us to lose out on other emotions. What is important is how we channel our emotions.

  • libby says:

    Great video, simple but with so much meaning. ‘Emotions exist for a reason and they deserve our respect and attention as they are a powerful vehicle for creating lasting change’ (Harriet Lerner… Dance with Anger) I will definitely be using this video in my work.

    • Noel Capel says:

      Nice video. Short and simple. Had some difficulty reading some words that were too fast. Emotions are part of life, and we have a choice to be masters of it.

  • Muhannad noorwali says:

    yes the emotion is our body signals which delver impotent information so , we need learn how to read this signals and whats the right action we can do for it

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